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a church tribunal or governing body

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Pope Benedict XVI announced the consistory during the Synod of Bishops last month.
Each consistory court is presided over by the Chancellor of the Diocese.
First, I will briefly survey the organization and work of the Geneva consistory from 1568 to 1582.
Unofficially, however, a consistory is also the closest thing Catholicism has to the Iowa caucuses--a close-up look at the latest batch of men who will not only elect the next pope, but one of whom might actually be that next pope.
But the Consistory Court ruling has made that impossible and Mrs Hildreth said: "The crux of the matter is, I have to lay her to rest in a place she hated.
They will now have a chance to put their case to a Consistory Court of the Diocese of Hereford on a date to be fixed.
The married 56-year-old dean could face a Consistory Court and, if found guilty, he can be admonished, removed from office or, in extreme cases, be deposed from holy orders -- ``unfrocked''.
Drawing from notarial records, consistory notes, and a variety of legal sources, Catterall provides in these four chapters a useful reconstruction of the migrant world from the journey across the north Atlantic to eventual integration into Dutch society.
The consistory minutes of the Reformed Protestant congregation in Kampen contain many examples of the moral concerns that occupied many Reformed congregations in the Netherlands.
In a 7,000-word judgement, the Church of England's consistory court dismissed claims the skull was snatched from Shakespeare's tomb.
What is equally striking about the list is the exclusion of archbishops from the so-called "cardinalatial" sees of Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia, where the red hat was expected to be bestowed in the consistory in February.
However Euan Duff, chancellor of the Diocese of Newcastle, and a judge of the Church of England's consistory court, which has to approve issues relating to church matters, refused permission for the sale.
The pontiff has made addressing violence in the Middle East a priority in recent weeks, hosting a summit at the Vatican in early October of the church's seven ambassadors to the region, and calling a consistory of cardinals on the issue Oct.
Some lawyers believe the original sponsor of the seizure of the property not yet Mazoon occupied until Tsrfaty that due to marry the Act must possess it in trust announced (the consistory 186 / / 1371), as the occupation of tenants and Mstvr and Mstyr and mortgaged The contract rent (d.
The head of Belgium's Jewish Consistory told La Libre newspaper the museum had not received any recent threats.