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a church tribunal or governing body

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New attention was paid to Lutheran doctrine, and a revival of an awareness of Lutheran identity led to the building of new Lutheran congregations and to remarkable renewals, such as the appearance of women in consistories and ministries.
8) By canon 353, consistories can be Ordinary or Extraordinary, Public or Secret.
In preceding consistories, the Holy Father has already surpassed the limit.
7) And French Calvinist church consistories, responsible for local policing of the faithful, issued remarkably few censures against brethren dabbling in sorcery, although ethnographic studies clearly indicate that popular fascination with the supernatural was just as pronounced in Protestant enclaves as in preponderantly Catholic regions of France and Europe.
The refusal to be rushed can be seen in long-delayed appointments, the slow gestation of documents and the methodical preparation of events such as synods or consistories.