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Synonyms for consistency

Synonyms for consistency

logical agreement among parts

Synonyms for consistency

a harmonious uniformity or agreement among things or parts

logical coherence and accordance with the facts

(logic) an attribute of a logical system that is so constituted that none of the propositions deducible from the axioms contradict one another

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What makes the polymer ideal for this system, Kim says, is that it has different consistencies at different temperatures.
Lower consistencies increase heating and bleach chemical costs and can lead to bleach tower channeling.
In one case the stock consistency after the blend chest varied considerably, over a 70-minute cycle, even when the consistencies of incoming stocks to the blend chest were correct.
the most complete range of consistency transmitters on the market - shear force, optical and microwave - covering consistencies ranging from 0-16% and all types of applications as well as
As the pulp consistency increases, the pressure pulse decreases, even at consistencies below 2%.