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Synonyms for consistence

logical agreement among parts

Synonyms for consistence

a harmonious uniformity or agreement among things or parts

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He said there was no consistence in the application.
Mister Mayor, your willingness and consistence re very important for us and I assure you that within my powers I will do my best to contribute to multilateral development of cooperation between the cities of the two countries.
Normally, HIPAA Legal Software consistence is a significantly greater issue than how one cooperates with programming or how programming associates with understanding data, so no product solution will make your therapeutic facility HIPAA agreeable.
But, India makes billions of dollars in trade with the United States and we want them to help us more with Afghanistan especially in the area of economic consistence and development," he added.
Muscat: Playing consistence tennis, Omani star Fatma Al Nabhani advanced both in the singles and doubles competitions of the second of the back-to-back $15,000 ITF Pro Circuit Las Palmos de Gran Canaria tournaments in Spain on Wednesday.
He reiterated that Iran has acted in consistence with its policies and international obligations in permitting the Qatari airline to use its airspace.
Sultan Abdulaziz AlDeghaither Chief Technology Officer at Zain Saudi Arabia said : "Striving to boost our position as a leading data service provider in the Saudi market; we've worked with operators from around the world to provide a consistence 4G experience to our customers while roaming.
Despite his stable condition, the patient was admitted to hospital, in consistence with the national infection prevention and control protocol for confirmed and suspected Mers-CoV cases to ensure appropriate medical attention.
Nasr shed light on the importance of the Swiss strategy and its consistence with Egypt's strategic plan for sustainable development 2030, as it focuses on a number of fields that will improve people's standard of living and the work of governmental agencies.
The quality emergency preparedness at the outlet in consistence with PSO's policy averted a major calamity and saved dozens of precious lives.
The amendments include creation of post of prime minister in consistence with national dialogue outcome , and separation of post of justice minister from attorney general.
KARACHI -- Pakistan foremost Oil Marketing Company, Pakistan State Oil, in consistence with its resolve to fulfill the nation energy needs, imported large stockpiles of LNG.
Once the case has been confirmed, the rapid response team of MOPH has carried out extensive search to list all potential contacts with the purpose to check for their possible consistence with the standard case definition of the suspected cases based on the WHO guidelines," reads the statement.
We provide the more effective results in molding cycle time, quality consistence and repeatability as well as longer mold life in mass molding production and their maintenance.