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the person to whom merchandise is delivered over

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In once case, heavy charges were accruing for deliveries to a large consignee in the South.
The shipper or consignee can then call one of our Customer Service reps to retrieve that information.
Payment Terms: Payment Terms-For Supply:-100 Percent Payment Will Be Made Against Inspection Certificate And After Receipt And Acceptance Of Material By The Consignee At Destination
Payment Terms: 100 Percent Payment After Receipt And Acceptance Of Material By Consignee As Per Order Placed By The Consignee
2 Sample To Be Got Approved By The Consignee Before Bulk Supply.
Offers With Validity Period Of Short Duration May Be Taken As Unresponsive To Railways Requirement And Are Likely To Be Passed Over If Not Extended To The Railways Requirement 7 Time Preference Clause: Railway Reserves The Right To Accept Higher Offer With Earlier Delivery Period 8 Inter-Se Ranking Condition: Wherein, More Than One Items And/Or Consignees Are Involved, Offers Will Be Evaluated And Inter-Se Ranking Of Tenderers Shall Be Made For Each Item And/Or Each Consignee Separately.