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Synonyms for considering

all things considered


  • all things considered
  • all in all
  • taking everything into consideration
  • taking everything into account
References in classic literature ?
Good men, and they are the only persons who are worth considering, will think of these things truly as they occurred.
What will be the fairest way of considering the question?
Might not some surprise also be expressed, that those who reproach the Southern States with the barbarous policy of considering as property a part of their human brethren, should themselves contend, that the government to which all the States are to be parties, ought to consider this unfortunate race more completely in the unnatural light of property, than the very laws of which they complain?
The men carefully eradicated every vestige of a beard, considering it a great deformity.
I have taken much pains to ascertain how far the rules apply to animals, and considering how scanty our knowledge is in regard to hybrid animals, I have been surprised to find how generally the same rules apply to both kingdoms.
Considering the small size of the islands, we feel the more astonished at the number of their aboriginal beings, and at their confined range.
Considering the wandering habits of the gulls, I was surprised to find that the species inhabiting these islands is peculiar, but allied to one from the southern parts of South America.
Of toads and frogs there are none: I was surprised at this, considering how well suited for them the temperate and damp upper woods appeared to be.
Special attention may be given to any one, or more, of the statements or suggestions in the text, considering its application in the poems read, with citation of illustrative lines.
The day after tomorrow I will give you a final answer," he said, after considering a moment.
He took a paper-knife in his hand, turned it over, laid it down, took it up again, and even then had to look along the blade of it, considering how to go on.
In considering this question, it is not unimportant to take into account the statistics of marriage, so far as they have yet been obtained, in England and Wales.
Adequate planning is the cornerstone of success when an organization is considering internalizing a service.
Continuation of title insurance in new entity: Title insurance companies are now considering how to deal with such transfers, and whether a special endorsement to the existing insurance policy should be issued.
While it is too early to predict what changes, if any, might result, the Board now is considering whether a "presumptive" approach will increase the acceptance of the liability method of deferred tax accounting and at the same time stay within the confines of the Board's conceptual framework.