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in a considerate manner

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There is always a certain element of risk to the assassin, for victims of deadly assault are seldom prone to die quietly and considerately.
Alban's patient adherence to his own view--so courteously and considerately urged--was beginning to try her temper.
On which the dead man very considerately got up and locked the door on the inside.
Listen to me," she said, considerately avoiding all notice of my loss of self-control.
With an empty place in his heart that he has never known the meaning of, he has turned away from me and gone his separate road; but even that he has done considerately and with deference.
When Prince Bladud had been shut up in the lofty turret for the greater part of a year, with no better prospect before his bodily eyes than a stone wall, or before his mental vision than prolonged imprisonment, he naturally began to ruminate on a plan of escape, which, after months of preparation, he managed to accomplish; considerately leaving his dinner-knife in the heart of his jailer, lest the poor fellow (who had a family) should be considered privy to his flight, and punished accordingly by the infuriated king.
It seems some drivers are now listening to warnings to park safely and considerately following the success of several high-profile parking crackdowns conducted in recent months with police coming across fewer offenders.
There were no decorations, however, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko had considerately dumped piles of rocks and construction materials at the site.
Firefighters have urged people to ensure they park considerately as vehicles had blocked access for fire engines to eightstorey Radnor House.
In the meantime industry can press ahead with the planning needed to deliver the extra capacity quickly, efficiently, considerately and with minimum disruption.
Firstly, not all businesses require their staff to park considerately in order to leave the 90-minute restricted parking area of North Road for customers' use.
There are plenty of legal parking spaces in Redcar, above, but some drivers aren't parking so considerately
If you are talking about people planting bullets, airport security [has] stepped up considerately since the events last year.
COUNCILLORS are asking leisure centre users to park considerately following complaints.