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Synonyms for conserve

Synonyms for conserve

to protect (an asset) from loss or destruction

to use without wasting

to prepare (food) for storage and future use

Synonyms for conserve

keep constant through physical or chemical reactions or evolutionary change

Related Words

keep in safety and protect from harm, decay, loss, or destruction

use cautiously and frugally

preserve with sugar

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From the get-go, the Cabazon facility was designed with an eye toward the future in sustaining and conserving the natural resources in the area.
Obviously I took literary license above, but it has become a deception that conserving energy and reducing usage saves the consumer money.
Community lands: support communities in conserving enough land for trails, parks, farms and forests.
Panel members outlined programs offered by their organizations, which offer economic incentives for conserving energy.
Those events made such an impression on her that she kept conserving gas and electricity long after the decade had passed.
it had won the "Agency for Natural Resources and Energy Director-General's Award" for a "multiple-site low-grade exergy(a) recovery system" at the 27th (2006) Energy Conserving Machinery Awards sponsored by the Japan Machinery Federation (JMF).
The partnership stems from Cox Enterprises' national Cox Conserves sustainability program that focuses on reducing waste and energy consumption, conserving water and inspiring eco-friendly behavior.
London, July 13 ( ANI ): One in five women with breast cancer who opt for breast conserving surgery rather than a mastectomy have a reoperation, a new study has revealed.
Plenty of people have shown that conserving land--and the trees on it--can make money for developers in the long run.
It's inevitable, water meters are coming and we have all best accept it and adopt proper water conserving strategies.
PSE chose to work with the nonprofit CLC because of the organization's expertise in conserving critical open space, either by acquiring and holding sensitive lands itself or, more often, by creatively arranging for other conservation-minded parties to take ownership and manage lands in an environmentally beneficial way.
He said by conserving, the city could be in a position to sell its surplus to those that cannot meet customers' needs.
An entrepreneur and lifelong Florida resident, Chuck has volunteered hundreds of hours educating voters and lawmakers on the importance of conserving Florida's unique ecosystem.
However, conserving electricity provides an additional "cushion" to ensure adequate power supplies.
The governor's December 2004 executive order threw the full weight of his administration behind an aggressive plan to reduce California's energy purchases for thousands of state-owned buildings by 20 percent by 2015, while conserving other scarce natural resources.