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Synonyms for conservator

a person who is legally responsible for the person or property of another considered by law to be incompetent to manage his or her affairs

Synonyms for conservator

the custodian of a collection (as a museum or library)


someone appointed by a court to assume responsibility for the interests of a minor or incompetent person

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The Freddie Mac statement said speculation around the issue of conservatorship "does not accurately reflect the facts.
Acourt creates conservatorships when it determines that a person cannot care for themselves or handle their affairs.
While most officers eventually make cases of physical or sexual assault on criminals who victimize the elderly, fewer officers make cases of financial abuse because they have not been trained in the abuse of conservatorship, guardianship, power of attorney, durable power of attorney, and other methods offenders use to prey upon vulnerable old people.
Lending under the program was slight--only two S&Ls in conservatorship borrowed--but the program offers another example of the cooperative action of federal banking authorities to avert potential systemic crises.
However, that former version of the national bank conservatorship statute provided explicitly that a conservator was to have all the powers of a receiver, in addition to powers necessary to operate the failing bank.
Under a rehabilitation or conservatorship of a financially troubled life insurance company, state authorities may limit the amount that may be distributed on the surrender or exchange of the company's contracts.
Drafted properly, it can provide maximum administrative flexibility, giving the trustee far greater powers than those of a durable power of attorney, committeeship, conservatorship or guardianship.
Legal representation in criminal, juvenile delinquency, conservatorship proceedings to individuals identified as indigent, when such representation cannot be provided by the Public Defender due to a legal conflict of interest or other valid reason; b.
Tomalevski, as cited by the Bulgarian National Radio, informed that transactions worth BGN 100 M denominated in different currencies had been made by KTB within 11 minutes late on June 20, the day when the bank was placed under conservatorship by the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB).
4 million foreclosure-prevention actions have been completed by the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) since they entered conservatorship in September 2008.
A court filing by Amanda Bynes' parents says they are ''deeply concerned'' that their actress daughter is a danger to herself and others, and she needs to be placed in a conservatorship.
The mum of two's father was initially granted a conservatorship order - a legal agreement where a parent or guardian looks after the financial affairs of their child - in 2008.
The Investors Unite coalition will hold a press conference on Thursday, August 14, with several area members to call on Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) Director Mel Watt to end the conservatorship of Fannie and Freddie
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been under government conservatorship since 2008.
Her conservatorship is with her mother Lynn Bynes since Oct.