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Synonyms for conservator

a person who is legally responsible for the person or property of another considered by law to be incompetent to manage his or her affairs

Synonyms for conservator

the custodian of a collection (as a museum or library)


someone appointed by a court to assume responsibility for the interests of a minor or incompetent person

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That this consolation is an illusion is exposed by the conflicting conservatorial appeals in the 1997-98 Anatomy Lesson.
The foundation of this conservatorial approach in Husserl's philosophy--of which most practicing editors were blissfully unaware--needs next to be considered.
It is not an object pure and simple, since, under the conservatorial gaze the building's documentary fabric cannot be left alone.
The documentary dimension of the building only functions under the conservatorial gaze as fabric insofar as it is part of a negative dialectic with its interpretations.
In return for its conservatorial assistance, the Library of Congress will receive copies of the rare source documents and plans to make them available to researchers.
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