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in a conservative manner

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There is a risk to investing too conservatively right before you retire and those first few years of retirement.
The best scenario for both engine life and emissions is to warm up your car for twenty to forty seconds, then drive very conservatively until your engine reaches its standard temperature range as shown on your instrument panel.
ACF is the vehicle that accepts charitable planned gifts and conservatively invests those dollars in a portfolio of balanced programs.
As with other aspects of this study, the service/user matrix is designed conservatively.
Casey conservatively values that plan at $52 a share.
Transactions are going to be more conservatively underwritten.
The survey conservatively gauges the popularity of alternative therapies among people with mental conditions, since it focused only on practitioner-guided approaches.
Its design is characterized by an eminently readable body text, conservatively and consistently set in a 3-column format, and a number of sophisticated graphic elements presented in warm colors of deep orange and yellow.
The swim wear, conservatively large by Rio's standards, had been intended to be part of a "Good Men" fashion line to compete with the rival "Bad Boy" boutique.
Both the senior and subordinate liens are subject to an additional bonds test that conservatively discounts historical GGRT receipts and projected pledged revenues based on the credit quality of the loans; this provides protection against the programs becoming overleveraged.
This granuloma was being treated conservatively with oral steroids and antireflux therapy.