conservation of momentum

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the principle that the total linear momentum in a closed system is constant and is not affected by processes occurring inside the system

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When the electromagnetic field is input in the cavity the microwaves resonate and we can consider the conservation of momentum for the light
The conservation of momentum equation includes the gravitational and pressure forces that are considered in the CONTAM model but also adds frictional forces, buoyancy forces, and forces due to changes in momentum that are absent in the CONTAM model.
The conservation of momentum accounts for the various forces that are exerted on the elemental volume of smoke in the shaft:
This principle defines the conservation of momentum, which leads to Bernoulli's equation when viscous forces are neglected, steady flow and constant density are assumed.
Once the correct correlations for each region in the system are set up, one can calculate the system impedance and local average velocities at different flow rates by varying the flow rate and applying the conservation of momentum equation.
When the thickness of a flow field is small compared to other dimensions and the flow is nearly parallel, the conservation of momentum equations simplify into a single equation with pressure P as the unknown.
Continuity and the conservation of momentum and energy equations form the basis of these algorithms.
The conservation of momentum - that a moving object will continue moving at the same speed and in the same direction forever until resisted, pushed, deflected, or subjected to friction - has become obvious, but because it couldn't be observed anywhere in the universe until space flight became possible, its becoming obvious required laboratory experiment and intellectual struggle.
Subjects taught: Conservation of Momentum, Force Vectors NAPOLEON KAUFMAN (NFL RUNNING BACK) -- "Running With Impulse" How can relaxing take the sting out of getting tackled?
However, the field equations Einstein [2] used to describe the general-relativistic space-time are founded on the conservation of momentum and energy.
Herein the terms of the Schwarzschild metric are rearranged to display limits in the Schwarzschild metric that necessarily result from the conservation of momentum and energy.
Given data on position and velocity over time, the computer found energy laws, and for the pendulum, the law of conservation of momentum.
Weller [4] shows that compacting matter below the critical radius to form a black hole results in a violation of the conservation of momentum and energy.
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