conservation of matter

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a fundamental principle of classical physics that matter cannot be created or destroyed in an isolated system

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To acquire an understanding of the conservation of matter, students explore the same four chemical reactions with increasing sophistication as the unit progresses.
Further, the theory of conservation of matter shows scientifically that mankind cannot create or destroy anything but only change the nature thereof.
Students do projects demonstrating an engineering principle--such as energy conservation using a commercial heat exchanger, river flow modeling, or conservation of matter through paper recycling.
There is nothing on waste disposal: the law of the conservation of matter means that every atom brought into the service of mankind becomes waste, in different forms and over different time-scales, and has to be disposed of - usually in the countryside.
Explain that all matter is made from particles called atoms, describe how atoms combine to form new matter, and identify the physical properties of atoms, such as describing the conservation of matter.
We even create a supplementary noun, "soul," to represent the durable part of the process, necessitated by the Law of Conservation of Matter, Energy and happenings.
At one point Bohr played with the idea of throwing out the sacred laws of conservation of matter and energy.
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