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the careful guarding of an asset

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a commission with jurisdiction over fisheries and navigation in a port or river

the official conservation of trees and soil and rivers etc

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Sweetwater Ranches Conservancy supports the preservation of habitat and species through the Conservancy's stream and riparian and greater sage-grouse conservation banks.
For example, The Nature Conservancy restores salmon streams and wildlife habitat in the Tongass National Forest of Southeast Alaska.
The Conservancy is offering an invaluable service to the Staten Island community," said Lee.
A contributor to the Nature Conservancy report said the plan's ``solid scientific findings'' could help the city compile its wish list of prospective properties.
Stung by criticism, the Nature Conservancy has temporarily suspended new resource extraction activities and new loans to current or prospective employees.
It marked the culmination of a decade of deal-making between the Conservancy and two dozen state and federal agencies aimed at restoring the ecological health of the San Francisco Bay/San Joaquin delta estuary, a biologically rich waterway that nourishes 760 plants and animals and two-thirds of California's population.
The Bubiana Conservancy reports that 20,000 trees have been felled, 22 buildings razed, staff assaulted, and perhaps 50 percent of the wildlife killed.
The Nature Conservancy gave him a list of 15 forestry projects, from which he chose a plan to buy about 17,000 acres of former Atlantic forest converted to buffalo ranch land in Brazil's southern state of Parana.
The Conservancy saw that other cities facing similar dilemmas had adopted "neo-urbanism.
In evaluating potential for corporate associations, the Conservancy sticks to what it knows.
The Nature Conservancy: Other environmental groups condemn The Nature Conservancy for refusing to take on the corporate world or the Reagan administration.
Plaza de Panama Project Aligns with Core Mission of Conservancy
Otjiwarongo Art Centre students, as well as game guards from the Easter Commercial Conservancies, and volunteers from Peace Corps, Earthwatch and CCF students and conservancy farm staff assisted with the counts.
STEVENSON RANCH -- The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy is taking aim at a proposed housing development on the old Warner Bros.