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Synonyms for conservancy

the careful guarding of an asset

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a commission with jurisdiction over fisheries and navigation in a port or river

the official conservation of trees and soil and rivers etc

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The Nature Conservancy is dedicated to maintaining the natural wealth that makes Montana such a special place to live, work and play, said Richard Jeo, state director of The Nature Conservancy in Montana.
The Dalton Discovery Center serves to teach other about the Conservancy mission and develop the next generation of environmental leaders.
This designation is long overdue," said Conservancy President Andrew McElwaine.
It is rewarding to know that our financial commitment has helped play a significant part in the important work the Conservancy performs.
I am very pleased that such a large block of environmentally sensitive river lands will come under the protection of the Cascade Land Conservancy," said Pierce County Councilmember Shawn Bunney, whose district includes the White River corridor.
Dodson said it makes sense for the Antelope Valley Resource Conservation District to join forces with the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, which was created by state lawmakers in 1980 to preserve parkland.
Rechler said, "I am honored to join the Conservancy's board of trustees and I look forward to working closely with my colleagues and the staff of The Nature Conservancy to ensure that as communities here on Long Island grow and develop, the Conservancy is there to ensure that the places that we all grew up with--the beaches, estuaries and woodlands--remain intact and productive.
Andrew McElwaine, President and CEO of the Conservancy, adds, "We've been part of the community for over 43 years.
In preliminary discussions, the conservancy has proposed 15-year leases and fee hikes, and it wants a 6 percent to 10 percent cut of any sublease deal.
Kerr, chairman of the New York Landmarks Conservancy.
The Nature Conservancy Joins The Department of The Interior
Aiming to ensure that today's forest lands are there for tomorrow's generations, Xerox Corporation (NYSE: XRX) has invested $1 million in an innovative partnership with The Nature Conservancy to strengthen and advance practices used to conserve the world's forests.
They have begun urging Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Councilman Dennis Zine to push the DWP into selling the land to the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy.
Simon Breines, founding director of the New York Landmarks Conservancy and veteran architect, died on September 16 at age 97.