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having given consent

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Godfrey founded any hopes on her consenting to dance with him, he would soon be undeceived; but there was no need for her to be uncivil.
Consenting, he brought not only the key, but a light, and immediately unlocked the door.
The danger of delay obliges the consenting provinces to furnish their quotas, without waiting for the others; and then to obtain reimbursement from the others, by deputations, which are frequent, or otherwise, as they can.
I'd marry her myself," said a wag; "in fact, the marriage is half- made, for here's one consenting party; but the other side won't.
His consenting to marry her is a proof, I will believe, that he is come to a right way of thinking.
Upon my consenting, he thrust it forthwith into his waistcoat pocket, without the parchment in which it had been wrapped, and which I had continued to hold in my hand during his inspection.
The eyes of his auditors involuntarily met; and, if the color that gathered over the face of Elizabeth was contradicted by the cold expression of her eye, the ambiguous smile that again played about the lips of the stranger seemed equally to deny the probability of his consenting to form one of this family group.
In consenting to see me, after what he told you, you almost seem to be giving me a chance.