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in complete agreement

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Consentient agreement is always the most significant interpretative warrant for Vincent, even if the bishop of Rome carries unique weight in husbanding the faith.
Virtue-driven Values (Good Values or Human Values) Tolerance Humility Forbearance Honesty Tranquility Faith and self control Courage Purity and equality of vision Consentient Duty of Justice Love and respect Vice- driven Values (Bad- Values or Anti Values) Lethargy Falsehood Malice Jealousy Vengefulness Hatred Arrogance Lust Anger Greed Fear Craving Injustice and undutiful
Then she claims that this is because in the case of an abyss "we can less measure its distance" (28), and then moves on to state, "a great crowd, for the same reason, [and] a full organ which is composed of a thousand indefinite and consentient harmonies, are SUBLIME" (28).
As virtually all radical puritans hoped that the revolutionary process with all its disorders would bring forth an "ultimate unity of Christ's will," but with the passing years no practical means to achieve it could be found, such hopes for a consentient world had obvious appeal; and they accorded with broader assumptions of the time.