consent decree

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an agreement between two parties that is sanctioned by the court

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A monitor trustee, who works at the merged entity's expense but reports to the reviewing agency, is often required by the consent decree as a means of supplementing the reviewing agency's oversight of compliance with the decree.
Consent decrees, however, can remain in place for decades, locking in policies that were agreed to by officials who are no longer in office.
We will never get out from the consent decree until Teams II is completed.
It commences with the first 5 pages of the New Jersey official joint application consent decree followed by 33 pages of the New Jersey decree concerning the state police, a crucial guide for other law enforcement administrators, managers, and first-line supervisors.
According to the Sun-Times, Mayor Daley focused his campaign to change the consent decree on such crimes, citing in particular a gunshot attack last fall against a local rabbi, and the menacing of Jewish pedestrians in the city, who were reportedly targeted by slingshot.
5 million in proceeds from series 3 warrants received by Hecla to date and referred to below, all payable 30 days after entry of the Consent Decree
Successful implementation of the Consent Decree will result in cleaner storm water system discharges and a healthier environmental for all.
Let's hope local leaders take the lesson of the LAUSD's disastrous consent decree to heart.
Supreme Court's ruling, which we feel clearly confirms that the Consent Decree is proper and consistent with all applicable laws," said Gilberto Perez, President of CEMEX USA.
But the reality is that this isn't just good news for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, but for all the people of Los Angeles -- including those whose interests were advocated in the lawsuit that led to the consent decree.
District Court's previous judgment entering a Consent Decree allowing for the development of the Soledad Canyon quarry in Los Angeles County.
A judge will rule next week whether the MTA's $1 billion effort to improve bus service for the urban poor meets the provisions of a 10-year-old consent decree.
In a class action, female prisoners at a stat prison secured a consent decree that addressed health care concerns.
The upgrade is based on steady progress in addressing critical needs within the sewerage system's substantial capital program and imminent finalization of its consent decree with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Supreme Court dealt Santa Clarita a tough blow this week by upholding the consent decree that allows Cemex to establish a 56.