consent decree

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an agreement between two parties that is sanctioned by the court

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EPA and EPD will continue to monitor the progress of these critical sewer projects to ensure that the City complies with the Consent Decree so that the health of the residents and environment are protected.
But the Bus Riders Union, which sued the MTA a decade ago and won the consent decree settlement, said it hopes to get the court's oversight for up to four more years, until the MTA fully complies with all orders to improve bus service for its mostly poor and minority riders.
We are very pleased that the Court has vacated the 1998 Consent Decree.
Seeing that the LAPD needs to be in full compliance by June 15 for the consent decree to end, it's a safe bet that this policing nightmare isn't going away anytime soon.
The city signed the consent decree in 2001 in the wake of the Rampart Division scandal, preventing the Justice Department from suing in connection with allegations that police used excessive force and made false arrests and unreasonable searches and seizures.
The group threatens to ask a federal judge to extend the consent decree when it expires next year if it doesn't get its way.
Consent decrees, however, can remain in place for decades, locking in policies that were agreed to by officials who are no longer in office.
We will never get out from the consent decree until Teams II is completed.
It commences with the first 5 pages of the New Jersey official joint application consent decree followed by 33 pages of the New Jersey decree concerning the state police, a crucial guide for other law enforcement administrators, managers, and first-line supervisors.
According to the Sun-Times, Mayor Daley focused his campaign to change the consent decree on such crimes, citing in particular a gunshot attack last fall against a local rabbi, and the menacing of Jewish pedestrians in the city, who were reportedly targeted by slingshot.
As conditions of the settlement, the Company has entered into a Plea Agreement and a Consent Decree.
Supreme Court denied the city of Santa Clarita's lawsuit, or its request for review known as petition for certiorari, effectively allowing the Consent Decree to stand and the Soledad Canyon quarry project to move forward.
According to an independent monitor's report, the LAUSD is failing on terms of its decade-old Chandra Smith consent decree even worse than it fails most other tests.
Prison officials moved, under the Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA), to dissolve a prison conditions consent decree entered 24 years earlier.
Because the Consent Decree has no material economic impact on the Company, we agreed to bring this matter to a close rather than engage in a protracted and costly legal battle.