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Sexting involving underage children should not be prosecuted if the images are shared consensually between two children of a similar age, the Crown Prosecution Service said.
proposals to boundaries are undemocratic, on an outof-of the register "Constitutional changes should be done fairly and consensually, to ensure that everyone given a voice.
The energy investors' group, which was commenting in an emailed statement, added that any practical difficulties resulting from "either improvidence or bad practices of the past" need to be resolved via dialogue and consensually, instead of through arbitrary and illegal decisions.
The sixth suspect consensually joined the other suspects and incited the first suspect to commit the crime.
We cannot know whether she lost her life by the hands of her partner or by consensually taking drugs.
He said that he believes in Freedom of Expression and Speech as enshrined in the Article 19 of the Constitution of Pakistan and would, therefore, prefer consultative approach to take along all stakeholders so that the impending challenges, regulatory / tariff issues etc could amicably be addressed consensually.
forces have boarded several of the Iranian ships off Yemen's coast -- consensually, the Navy said - looking for weapons, but have not found.
He believes he was intimate with her at his flat consensually in the early hours of Sunday.
In June last year, a Delhi court had blamed women for consensually eloping with their lovers " to satiate their sexual cravings" and then turn around and allege rape after pressures from their parents.
And, as he confesses to his best friend, Eusebio, days before Guillermo's accidental death, a few days a week he is consensually humiliated by Marcia in the candlelight of her apartment.
Autonomy is paradoxical, because it is a consensually defined principle imposed on counseling practice while denying counselors a choice in its application.
However, is a piece of paper that is consensually "adopted" worth the paper it is written on?
Some websites even allow people to post explicit images of former partners, either obtained consensually or stolen from online accounts.
For arbitration, when two parties or people consensually approach the Sharia court, it is lawful.
On July 5, 2012, the first victim, Peter Clark, 60, of Withington, Manchester, was taken to hospital and died after being consensually injected with heroin in the hand by Sawyers at an address in Ancoats in the city.