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Synonyms for consecution

a way in which things follow each other in space or time

a number of things placed or occurring one after the other

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So in a systematic theory educational managers with several purpose and priorship and its consecution would be familiar with these factors and consider That: " life of a system and entity reason of a system depends on making realization of its goals.
And thus the orderly motion of the Celestial Bodys, their Influences and Causalitys (a) the Mutual Contemporation and actions of the Elementary Bodys and their qualitys the Method of Naturall generations in things animate & inanimate the qualitys and instincts and operations of vegetables and Animalls and the whole Order Chain and Consecution (b) of Naturall Causes and Effects, all these came (c) under that Rule and Law which is comprehensively called the Law of Nature which (d) is nothing else but that most admirable order & method which [the Divine Will hath with admirable] (e) wisdome instituted and with admirable power preserv'd and maintain'd the (f) Universe, and the severall parts thereof, as I have else where at large declared; (3)
This methodologies and tools, will allow the consecution of the TOP-REF final impacts:
L'insertion du plan (B) : le champ, entre deux plans (A, C) de contre-champs, arrete la consecution narrative.
According to Roland Barthes, "Everything suggests, indeed, that the mainspring of narrative is precisely the confusion of consecution and consequence; what comes after being read in narrative as what is caused by" (Barthes 1997, 94).
emphasis added]); (c) finally, the consecution 'inz has been interpreted as an asseverative compound particle (e.
This process also is experiential because individual or community-shared experiences that the speaker has had, participate in its consecution.
Such meanings, as Barthes (1977:94) summarises, is achieved largely through causality as a key component operating between consecution (temporality) and consequence (effect):
After the unadsorbed fraction had been eluted, the adsorbed protein was desorbed by using two consecution linear NaCl concentration gradients (0-0.
6- Consecution of Ja'afar bin Abi Talib school in the wilayat of Saham (RO.