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Synonyms for consecrate

Synonyms for consecrate

to make sacred by a religious rite

to give over by or as if by vow to a higher purpose

Synonyms for consecrate

appoint to a clerical posts

give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause

dedicate to a deity by a vow

render holy by means of religious rites

solemnly dedicated to or set apart for a high purpose

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For example, when the Cistercian nun makes solemn profession with benediction or consecration as a nun, she receives the cowl from the abbess and with it certain liturgical rights.
In Cistercian and Carthusian practice, consecration (or benediction) of a virgin or nun and solemn monastic profession are distinct.
The same concern may also apply to non-ordained, who preside over grand consecrations, creating controversy over the hierarchical status between Sprul skus and ordained monks, the latter regarded as unparelled in the Buddhist Sangha.
As for the number of consecrations that can be conducted on a particular religious object, books on Tibetan history mentions Guru Padmasambhava, "wearing robes ornamented with many precious stones", performing seven times the wondrous consecration ceremony of the shrine of Samye and its surrounding buildings and revealing himself as a manifestation-being (Sakyapa Sonam Gyaltsen, 242-247).
The Diptdgama with its emphasis on pratistha enables us to gain a much richer sense of one of the key ritual complexes of the Saiva system, the consecration of temples, Siva-lingas, and icons.
These special faculties allowed for the consecration of a secret successor for every diocese, according to specific conditions.
After his consecration, Davidek wanted no further delay.
In addition, it says, "the consecration of bishops in ECUSA without the canonical process of nomination, election and consent confuses our people and undermines our unity.
Stott their consecrations do not signal the end of the Anglican Communion.
dioceses who have repudiated Lambeth's resolution on sexuality, and there was no suggestion of regularizing the consecrations in Singapore or opening the possibility for a parallel province in the U.
One significant event the primates didn't accept was the January consecration of two American priests as "missionary" bishops by the now-retired primate of South East Asia, Moses Tay of Singapore, and Archbishop Kolini.
Lesley Perry, the Archbishop of Canterbury's chief spokesperson, told ENI that the consecrations were "valid, but illegal.
The letter also asserted that the consecrations had not followed the constitutions of either of the provinces whose archbishops performed the ceremony, South East Asia and Rwanda.
said he "regrets the pressures upon traditionalists" in ECUSA that led to the consecrations, but reiterated that they are "contrary to what was agreed in a meeting in which they shared in Kampala.
While I appreciate the concern and frustration that has prompted this action, I wish to express my profound disappointment that these consecrations have taken place at this time and in this manner," said Harry Goodhew, archbishop of Sydney, Australia, and a prominent conservative.