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a solemn commitment of your life or your time to some cherished purpose (to a service or a goal)

(religion) sanctification of something by setting it apart (usually with religious rites) as dedicated to God

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Christine Hardman, left, celebrates at her consecration by the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, right Duncan Lomax
Speaking after her consecration, Bishop Lane said: "Archbishop Sentamu has observed, 'the way that we show our faith and our love for one another is with two simple things, prayer and parties.
Ann Catchpole, on left, with |Ethel Tomlinson, above, in St Oswald's with a book of special memories and pictures, including the church's consecration, left.
NNA - A number of Lebanese University (LU) contractual professors staged a sit-in at Sayyad roundabout near Bbda presidential palace, to press for relevant demands including their consecration as full-timers.
Laroui, prime pour sa nouvelle "L'etrange affaire du pantalon de Dassoukine", soulignant que cette consecration par la prestigieuse Academie Goncourt "constitue un couronnement de ton parcours litteraire distingue et une reconnaissance de ta creativite dans le domaine de l'ecriture".
With the Anglican cathedral in Regina unavailable due to renovations, the consecration of Rob Hardwick as the 12th bishop of Qu'Appelle took place at a Roman Catholic church instead.
Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his wife Karen on the occasion of his consecration on Trinity Sunday.
Rather, this article evaluates historical and current ceremonies for Cistercian and Carthusian nuns in comparison with known diaconal ordination ceremonies in an effort to recover some of the lost tradition of women deacons, distinguishing between and among monastic profession, diaconal ordination, and consecration of a virgin, which latter brings women into the order of virgins.
Cardinal Leger of Montreal and Cardinal McGuigan of Toronto each read the act of Consecration of Canada to Mary, in one of the two official languages.
TUNIS (TAP)- The representatives of the political parties, organisations and independent personalities called on the interim government to provide the necessary logistic and technical means to organise the Constituent Assembly's elections in optimum conditions, including in first place the re-establishment of security in the different regions and speeding up the former regime symbols' trials, in consecration of transitional justice.
The consecration ceremony took place yesterday at St Paul's Cathedral, in London.
Temple Consecration Rituals in Ancient Italia: Text and Archaeology.
Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski cut his visit to Australia short and cancelled his attendance at the consecration of the church Rozdestvo na Presveta Bogorodica in Melbourne, which is under Metropolitan Petar's jurisdiction.
More than 800 well-wishers joined bishops from across Australia and New Zealand to witness the consecration of 51-year-old Bishop Kay Goldsworthy at Perth's St.