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Synonyms for conscript

to enroll compulsorily in military service

Synonyms for conscript

enroll into service compulsorily

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Youssef added that the five conscripts who attacked the lawyers and citizens were not detained, although investigations are ongoing.
In the evening an event will be held at Ledra and Onasogorou in which the police band will participate and 92 candles will be lit for the conscripts who were killed on the roads in the last 20 years.
People who graduate from colleges are offered the chance to remain in service after the obligatory period (12-36 months), and they are positioned in special ranks among the other conscripts.
Both had been on the military's list of conscripts in need of extra care.
Conscripts who have faced violence, however, paint a different picture.
Families of 36 conscripts who died during their military service submitted complaints that the deaths of their relatives were suspicious.
Cairo, October 04 (BNA) -Two army conscripts were killed, and one conscript and one officer were injured -- one of whom is in critical condition - in a drive-by shooting targeting a military armed personnel carrier (APC) on the highway connecting Cairo to the Suez Canal city of Ismailia, Ahram Online said.
It was not so difficult for observers to read the panic and gloominess on the faces of these conscripts while meeting President Morsi in a formal ceremony a few hours after their retrieval.
It is officially named after the 48,000 young men, many of them conscripts, who joined regular miners down the coal mines in the dangerous but vital work to keep supplies of coal flowing during the war.
They were known as Bevin Boys when, in December 1943, Labour and National Service Minister Ernest Bevin devised a scheme to put a proportion of conscripts into the collieries rather than the armed services.
More than 48,000 young men, many of them conscripts, joined regular miners underground all over Britain to keep supplies of coal flowing during the war.
South Korean military conscripts may have dreamed of defending the homeland but in Les Miserables their life is one of snow shovelling and thwarted love.
Eritrea's mandatory military service conscripts all citizens aged between 18 and 40 years (both men and women), into military duties for a period of 18 months.
Naypyidaw, June 19 ( ANI ): Children are being sold as conscripts into the Burmese military for as little as 40 dollars and a bag of rice, or a can of petrol.
I've talked to many in the course of my research for new book National Service - From Aldershot to Aden: Tales From The Conscripts, 1946-62.