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Synonyms for conscript

to enroll compulsorily in military service

Synonyms for conscript

enroll into service compulsorily

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The father of a village family of eight, friendly with his local camp's CO, 'rid' himself of an autistic son, who was conscripted only to refuse to shower, change his underwear and uniform and obey orders.
Pacifists could apply to be recognised as conscientious objectors - but even then they were often conscripted into nonfighting units like the Royal Army Medical Corps.
At the time, he was the youngest conscripted sergeant in the British army.
5m women were employed in engineering and munitions sites across the UK - the majority of them conscripted.
There are "no plans" to give an award to the thousands of miners who worked in the pits during the Second World War but were not conscripted, the Government said yesterday.
MEN conscripted to work in Britain's coal mines during World War I I were yesterday presented with commemorative badges.
And campaigning Durham North MP Kevan Jones, who led the drive to celebrate the contribution of the conscripted coal miners ( such as Sir Jimmy Saville of 'Jim'll Fix It' fame, the late comedian Eric Morecambe and fellow North-East Labour MP Alan Campbell's father Albert ( was delighted.
occurred during the Civil War [1861-1865], when both the North and South conscripted soldiers into their battered armies.
What if 11-year-olds were conscripted into the military?
00) comes from the author of the award-winning Shabanu and tells of a young Afghan girl who finds her life changed when her father and older brother are conscripted by the Taliban and her mother is killed in an air raid.
The catechism's goal is to provide tools of Bible and doctrinal knowledge as well as the means to put them into practice while taking into consideration the specific circumstances and difficulties of conscripted soldiers.
The first American draft, which was instituted in 1862 under the Confederate government, conscripted manpower not only for the military, but for economic and industrial purposes as well, in the service of what historian Jeffrey Rogers Hummel calls a system of "war socialism.
Second, Pentagon leaders replaced the conscripted military with an all-volunteer force that would recruit enlistees with pay and benefits like the civilian world.
Carlos has conscripted neurologist and compatriot Antonio Damasio, author of such titles as Descartes' Error and The Feeling of What Happens, to provide the theoretical ballast for floating the interdependence of thought and feeling in contemporary art.