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But when the time came he felt suddenly that he could accept the humiliation joyfully; and as he limped up the chancel, very small and insignificant beneath the lofty vaulting of the Cathedral, he offered consciously his deformity as a sacrifice to the God who loved him.
Nevertheless, her manner became immediately different, as if, for the first time, she felt consciously womanly, and as if William might conceivably wish later on to confide in her.
He could not explain to her that he was offering up consciously all his happiness to her, and wished, absurdly enough, to pour every possession he had upon the blazing pyre, even his silver and gold.
She did not apply her judgment consciously to Ralph, but when she looked at him, a moment later, she rated him lower than at any other time of their acquaintanceship.
She did this consciously, but deeper than all consciousness, and intangible as gossamer, were the effects of this.
There was another side of her, too, of which he was consciously ignorant.
In Squire's view, declarative memory--thought to reside mainly in the brain's outer layer -- holds the consciously remembered, factual and personal knowledge plumbed by explicit tests.
Many of the artists we're talking about were, consciously or not, fascinated by the position of Warhol.
Most of those efforts involved "explicit memory': asking the person to consciously recall a word, event or fact that was presented a short time earlier.
ALi, along with other Team DDR members, are show casing DDR systems, putting forth the green light that DDR technology is completely ready for The Industry that is consciously aware of developing systems with higher performances and power advantages.
Eich had 18 female college students produce word associations while consciously assuming three personalities; the primary identity was shy and retiring Sue, along with fun-loving, hedonistic Linda and angry Alice.
Since its inception, WellBid has consciously avoided creating an online application that promotes the buying and selling of services based on price alone.
Consciously or unconsciously, his work has more in common with the carpets that sparked his interest in Tajikistan than with any documentary account.
But, the report contends, "evidence does not establish that management personnel above the level of the operations department participated in or consciously tolerated improper test practices.
The lawsuit also claims that the WWF and other defendants should be liable for punitive damages because they consciously ignored and sacrificed safety in favor of risky stunts for the sake of increased ticket sales and cable television viewership.