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Synonyms for conscious

Synonyms for conscious

tending toward awareness and appreciation

Synonyms for conscious

intentionally conceived


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(followed by 'of') showing realization or recognition of something

References in classic literature ?
You may be conscious of a friend either by seeing him or by "thinking" of him; and by "thought" you can be conscious of objects which cannot be seen, such as the human race, or physiology.
We may end our preliminary catalogue with BELIEF, by which I mean that way of being conscious which may be either true or false.
These were conscious actions, and were the results of his first generalisations upon the world.
Irwine's account of Dinah--indistinct, yet strong enough to make him feel rather conscious when Mr.
She was only conscious of Denham as a block upon her thoughts.
made her more and more conscious of a person of marked, though disagreeable, force by her side.
or was she spiritually conscious of something hidden in the room?
Her next conscious impression was of the sunlight pouring in at the window; of the friendly presence of Lady Montbarry at the bedside; and of the children's wondering faces peeping in at the door.
All I was conscious of was the softness of the seat which seemed somehow to cause a relaxation of my stern mood, I won't say against my will but without any will on my part.
Not all at once but as if yielding to an irresistible pressure (for I was not conscious of any irresistible attraction) I found myself with my head resting, with a weight I felt must be crushing, on Dona Rita's shoulder which yet did not give way, did not flinch at all.
When, another time, in all innocence this happened again, he became conscious of it and of its effect upon her; and thereafter, when she grew too wildly wild, too wantonly facetious in her teasing playful love of him, he would thrust his muzzle at her face and make her throw her head back to escape him.
Advancing without conscious will of my own, I crossed the threshold of the door.
Conscious of this smile, he shook his head disapprovingly at his own condition, and taking out a cigar, he began lighting it.
They are conscious of looking very unamiable, I suppose, and therefore hate to be seen.
Her mind was evidently arrested by some sudden thought, and she left the room hardly conscious of what was immediately around her-- hardly conscious that Will opened the door for her and offered her his arm to lead her to the carriage.