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Synonyms for conscious

Synonyms for conscious

tending toward awareness and appreciation

Synonyms for conscious

intentionally conceived


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(followed by 'of') showing realization or recognition of something

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I was terrified the first time I had the treatment with conscious sedation, but since then my fear has definitely eased.
H and M's Conscious Exclusive Collection shows how the best style can be mindful of the planet to help protect it for the future.
A true socially conscious attorney proceeds with the conviction that once they take the first step they might be in for a marathon.
One premise of Conscious Leadership is to differentiate content from context.
For the purposes of this paradigm non-anthropic consciousness (also referred to as conscious systems) is defined as a complex adaptive system with a minimum energy rate density.
Critique: The newest addition to the outstanding 'Imagery and Human Development' series from Baywood Press, "On the Evolution of Conscious Sensation, Conscious Imagination, and Consciousness of Self" is an erudite and thought-provoking treatise that will be of special interest to students of psychology, philosophy, cognitive science, and neuroscience.
The state of imagining a moving train or the state of recollecting a moving train may be sustained by conscious events whose phenomenology is very much like the phenomenology of events that support the state of perceiving a moving train, but the guiding aims of a state of imagining and the guiding aims of a state of recollecting are different than the guiding aims of a state of perception.
Hirstein identifies conscious states with these neural states, independent of whether they are experienced by anyone and independent of connections to other mechanisms; he maintains that synchronized oscillations in a petri dish realize a content state lacking either content or subject.
The book is organized into four sections that define the corporation's need for a higher purpose, how to integrate stakeholder interests, the qualities of conscious leadership, and how conscious culture leads to conscious management.
In Conscious Capitalism he supports the notion that businesses have a larger responsibility than mere money making.
Vanessa Paradis, Johnny Depp's former partner, is the face of H&M's new Conscious collection.
In an interview to the Wall Street Journal , Modi blamed the growing levels of malnutrition in Gujarat to figure- conscious young girls.
Most anemic women are tribals, and tell me from where are they beauty conscious," Modhwadia asked.