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with extreme conscientiousness

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I will see them both," returned the inspector; "I must conscientiously perform my duty.
Steady to his purpose, he scarcely spoke ten words to her through the whole of Saturday, and though they were at one time left by themselves for half-an-hour, he adhered most conscientiously to his book, and would not even look at her.
D'Artagnan returned to help Porthos, if Porthos needed help; but Porthos, for his part, had done his work as conscientiously as D'Artagnan.
Son Adam, and daughter Martha," said the venerable Father Ephraim, fixing his aged eyes piercingly upon them, "if ye can conscientiously undertake this charge, speak, that the brethren may not doubt of your fitness.
He was the chief agent of the mischief," answered Grandfather; "but we will not suppose that he acted otherwise than conscientiously.
Adrienne had conscientiously taken the time used to sell the thimble from her morning's work on me.
He went over her conscientiously, praised her heartily, congratulated me on my command with absolute sincerity.
Crimsworth has set me; I can earn my wages conscientiously, and those wages are sufficient to enable me to live.
Many consciences would have been satisfied with them, but D'Artagnan was brave enough to ask himself sincerely and conscientiously if he were brave.
Newman, who never reflected on such matters, accepted the situation with great equanimity, but Babcock used to meditate over it privately; used often, indeed, to retire to his room early in the evening for the express purpose of considering it conscientiously and impartially.
There were scores of verses, for he worked the Dreadnought every mile of the way between Liverpool and New York as conscientiously as though he were on her deck, and the accordion pumped and the fiddle squeaked beside him.
The prince's subjects are now pretty numerously employed about the station-house, some in taking care of the baggage, others in collecting fuel, feeding the engines, and such congenial occupations; and I can conscientiously affirm that persons more attentive to their business, more willing to accommodate, or more generally agreeable to the passengers, are not to be found on any railroad.
I will say this for us, that we are carrying out all this deadly foolishness as conscientiously as though the eyes of the Senora were on us all the time.
Now this, conscientiously speaking, I did not think he could do.
Each of these cases Cumnor and I had been able to investigate, and we had never failed to acquit him conscientiously of shabby behavior.