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Synonyms for refusal


Synonyms for refusal

a negative response

a turning down of a request

Words related to refusal

the act of refusing

a message refusing to accept something that is offered

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Whether the refusal is based on the wholesale rejection of a procedure, such as the withdrawal of life support, or on the assessment of its appropriateness for a particular patient, the professional exercises his right of conscientious refusal only by honest conversation followed by referral if the patient persists in her desires.
American Pharmaceutical Association (APhA) policy recognizes an individual pharmacist's right to exercise conscientious refusal to fill prescriptions.
Going forward, federal and state policymakers are certain to put forth numerous new proposals on the issue of conscientious refusal.
The American Pharmacists Association "recognizes the individual pharmacist's right to exercise conscientious refusal and supports the establishment of systems to ensure patients' access to legally prescribed therapy without compromising the pharmacist's right of refusal.
These scenarios stem from the fact that in the regulation as proposed, DHHS has failed to even hint at any ethical or legal limits of conscientious refusal.