conscientious objector

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one who refuses to serve in the armed forces on grounds of conscience

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The book chronicles the experiences of each of the 33 Briton Ferry conscientious objectors.
So why are these Conscientious Objectors with the jitterbug complex allowed to go out, drink and publicly flaunt their draft status in front of hundreds of people who have Dear Ones in the uniform of these United States," he thundered.
For example, while all actors on the taxonomy might suffer consequences for their actions (economic, social, or political), the absolutist conscientious objector to military service and the most radical homeschoolers have the potential to suffer extreme economic sanctions and/or imprisonment.
Yesterday's proceedings were overseen by Piet Dorflinger, a delegate from the European Bureau for Conscientious Objectors (EBCO), an organisation seeking to enshrine the rights of conscientious objectors worldwide.
The war presented Mennonites and other conscientious objectors with unique challenges in dealing with a democratic state in a time of a popular war.
As Hitler's shadow descended over Europe and FDR assembled an army, however, it was clear the conscientious objectors deserved a solution that didn't compromise their human rights.
It deserves to be a key text for those interested in the cultural history of Great War Britain in general and Conscientious Objectors in particular.
The Department of the Army Conscientious Objector Review Board (DACORB) then conducted the final review.
49) This policy required that conscientious objection claims by those servicemembers not previously classified (50) were to be treated in the same manner as claims by those who stated that their records failed to reflect a previously granted conscientious objector status.
Two other conscientious objectors, Udi Nir and Avichai Vaknin, were imprisoned earlier this month and a few others are likely to follow suit.
1) Conscientious objectors have been a singular group for the state, in its various incarnations, to deal with.
The OOA and the Hutterites represent one end of the continuum in working toward peace and that is to be a conscientious objector in war time and engage in helping other groups and individuals in times of peace.
30) He lamented that constitutional rights are sometimes ignored under the military juggernaut and militarized public opinion and insisted that the importance of the conscientious objector for democracy must not be underrated.
Instead she substitutes a letter to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) explaining that, as a Quaker, an environmentalist and a conscientious objector, she cannot pay for the preparation of war.
Daly's A Hero's Welcome: The Conscience of Sergeant fames Daly versus the United States Army is the story of a conscientious objector who, despite his views, finds himself in the Army and Vietnam, only to be captured and compelled to spend five years as a POW.