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one who refuses to serve in the armed forces on grounds of conscience

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I should have, could have, but never did, explore with them the effect of their religious beliefs on their conscientious objections to abortion.
Conscientious objections should not be based on self-interest, discrimination, or prejudice.
GREAT WAR Dr Craigmile (chairman) asked him to state the grounds for his so-called conscientious objection.
Among the issues we examined were the moral nature and value of conscience, the moral demands on professionals, the potential benefit and harm of conscientious objections by health care professionals, and ethically plausible responses by professional bodies to these objections.
The goal here is to strike a compromise between individual physicians who have reasonable (or not unreasonable) conscientious objections and patients who have reasonable demands for services that some physicians object to.
The fourth edition of this clinicians' guide to ethical dilemmas has been expanded to include new information on cross-cultural medicine, conscientious objections by physicians in regards to reproductive health and "undeserving" patients, disclosure of errors to patients, involuntary psychiatric treatment and receiving gifts from pharmaceutical companies.
A 1962 Department of Defense (DOD) directive authorizes the discharge from service of military members with religiously based conscientious objections to war.
She is sponsoring legislation to allow for conscientious objections to mandatory vaccination.
123) By using the language "[a]ware that persons performing military service may develop conscientious objections," the resolution implies that states should have an in-service conscientious objection exemption in addition to the exemption from conscription.
We've set in train the arrangements so that women will be able to become bishops in the Church of England and we've committed ourselves to working at it so that those who have conscientious objections to that can still find a place in the Church of England with us," said Rt Rev Gledhill.
Although I do not want to be disrespectful to religion or to the religious folk who have conscientious objections to stem cell research, I would permit myself to warn the researchers that a religious attitude or belief is not necessarily needed in order to have both conscientious and/or practical objections to any research or action.
It was clear to us that a woman's refusal was identical in its importance to a man's, and therefore we were not aware of the significance of the letter that we wrote, which placed male and female conscientious objections on an equal footing.
Eddington's conscientious objections were firmly rooted in his lifelong Quaker beliefs and he was prepared to accept the consequences, but Sir Frank Dyson, then the Astronomer Royal, among others, was anxious to spare one of the country's leading scientists.
level in the early 1960s, but developed conscientious objections to the discipline's construction of the "participant/observer" relationship as it stood at the time.