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one who refuses to serve in the armed forces on grounds of conscience

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Connie and I are absolutely delighted with today's judgement from the Court of Session, which recognises and upholds our rights of conscientious objection as labourward midwifery sisters to withdraw from participating in any treatment that would result in medical termination of pregnancy.
Although some definitions of conscientious objection specify or imply that conscientious objection must entail a refusal to comply with legal obligations (thus setting the action in the legal/public sphere), other definitions do not (e.
We have taken note of your having a conscientious objection.
It is disappointing that we had to remove the requirement for counsellors with a conscientious objection to refer women to another counsellor with no such objection, but it does not detract from what this Parliament is very close to achieving the decriminalisation of terminations in Tasmania.
Conscientious objection can be accommodated, but where the health worker feels unable to provide contraceptive or abortion care, they must ensure the woman is not disadvantaged and is referred on to someone who can.
He considers nonviolent resistance by Burmese Buddhist monks, Japanese peace cranes, economic aid to Africa, war tribunals, debt jubilee, the solidarity movement in Poland, Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein's objections to war, conscientious objection during WWII, and more.
The final section of this issue features a model policy on conscientious objection in medicine developed by Jocelyn Downie, Carolyn McLeod and Jacquelyn Shaw.
It also includes a recommendation that consultant psychiatrists should be involved when a mental health assessment is required and covers an allowance for conscientious objection, accountability and data collecting.
Three out of every four states of the European Union covered in its laws the right to conscientious objection to performing abortion.
Judges likened it to someone who joins the army and asks to be excused combat because of a conscientious objection to war.
At that point he was able to choose conscientious objection and worked in Aibonito, Puerto Rico.
Lois Bibbings is careful to call the work a socio-cultural study rather than a singular history and the book describes well the atmosphere and discourses surrounding service and conscientious objection.
In 2006, friends in Hawaii, who were helping me process the dueling allegiances I faced between God and country, introduced me to just war principles and selective conscientious objection (SCO).
She gives conscientious objection in medicine (hereafter, "conscientious objection") the book-length treatment that it deserves.
During its meetings in August and September 2009 the Central Committee voiced its support for the right of conscientious objection through the release of a minute on the right of conscientious objection to military service.