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Synonyms for conscience

Synonyms for conscience

a sense of propriety or rightness


Synonyms for conscience

motivation deriving logically from ethical or moral principles that govern a person's thoughts and actions

conformity to one's own sense of right conduct

a feeling of shame when you do something immoral

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But even suppose blood shed when the conscience is wounded?
I have not seen my mother this long time, and it lies upon my conscience, for it's something to be loved as she loves her prodigal son.
Nay, that were a shame,'' muttered the other fellow; ``and yet, when I served in the band of stout old Gandelyn, we had no such scruples of conscience.
For the ease of mine own conscience I must search this matter out.
Let all thy converse be sincere, Thy conscience as the noonday clear.
D'Artagnan was preparing to go and seek the cabaretier himself, to force him to a definite explanation, when the door of the court in which he was with Raoul, a door which communicated with the garden situated at the back, opened, and a man dressed as a cavalier, with his sword in the sheath, but not at his belt, crossed the court without closing the door; and having cast an oblique glance at D'Artagnan and his companion, directed his course towards the cabaret itself, looking about in all directions with his eyes capable of piercing walls of consciences.
The remainder, if any, may connect themselves with whatever rank of the procession they shall find best adapted to their tastes and consciences.
And it was a notable observation of a wise father, and no less ingenuously confessed; that those which held and persuaded pressure of consciences, were commonly interested therein.
The affair, in short, had been of the kind that most of the young men of his age had been through, and emerged from with calm consciences and an undisturbed belief in the abysmal distinction between the women one loved and respected and those one enjoyed--and pitied.
If we will be strong with her strength we must not harbor such disconsolate consciences, borrowed too from the consciences of other nations.
And then he made his eloquent appeal to the consciences of the white Americans: "When you have gotten the full story or the heroic conduct of the Negro in the Spanish-American war, have heard it from the lips of Northern soldier and Southern soldier, from ex-abolitionist and ex-masters, then decide within yourselves whether a race that is thus willing to die for its country should not be given the highest opportunity to live for its country.
He despised all toys; wouldn't have bought one for the world; delighted, in his malice, to insinuate grim expressions into the faces of brown-paper farmers who drove pigs to market, bellmen who advertised lost lawyers' consciences, movable old ladies who darned stockings or carved pies; and other like samples of his stock in trade.
If they talk--well, so long as our consciences are straight we needn't worry.
Tortures would n't have drawn a word of all this from him, but it had its effect, for boys don't leave their hearts and consciences behind them when they enter college, and little things of this sort do much to keep both from being damaged by the four years' scrimmage which begins the battle of life for most of them.
 Or, cursed with consciences that bid them fly