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Synonyms for conscienceless

lacking scruples or principles

Synonyms for conscienceless

lacking a conscience

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The kind of crime intended to be included as especially heinous, atrocious, or cruel is one accompanied by additional acts that show that the crime was conscienceless or pitiless and was unnecessarily torturous to (decedent).
Yes, I voted for Bernie Sanders in the California primary because the Sanders's crusade represents the biggest challenge since the 1930s to the conscienceless profit-maximizers.
He also urged the police and municipal traffic police to respond promptly to citizens' reports of such cases, as "such acts of conscienceless drivers constitute a direct risk for every user of the road network".
Sanford Silver: "With Samuelson's usual apology for conscienceless capitalism, he picks the worst industry (steel) to highlight as a counter to the very real race to the bottom for the world's workers and consumers.
Stressing the importance of an ecological politics free from the rigid relationships of a conscienceless industrial society, anarcho-primitivism, by contrast, "wants people to become free individuals living in free communities which are interdependent with one another and with the biosphere they inhabit" (Moore, 2012: 9).
The secretary of state referred to the Cardinal's trial as "a conscienceless attack upon religious and personal freedom.
She is the conscience in this conscienceless world, a girl who manages to hold on to her innocence and compassion despite the horror of her life.
Have these utterly conscienceless MPs learned nothing over the past 10 years?
Another said: "Massively ashamed to be represented in parliament by the apparently conscienceless p***k.
One user sent him an image of dead children, while another said: "Massively ashamed to be represented in parliament by the apparently conscienceless p***k.
He claimed that at times these drugs were also black marketed by some conscienceless people exploiting the requirement of the patients.
Martha Stout's notes the conscienceless personality's uncanny ability to veil her or his true intentions.
This case is the golden and historic occasion for the Supreme Court to establish an impregnable wall to block the genre of conscienceless politicians and politics to politicize, pollute, and desecrate the Constitution in the preparation and implementation of the General Appropriations Act," it said.
Rapacious traders, the ruthless and conscienceless, came too.