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The brief narrative is boosted by glorious nautical set pieces and monologues of psychological insight, notably by Claggart and Captain Vere who bookends the story with his conscience-stricken recollections as an old man.
There is a certain element of double-casting between the two operas, with Gwyn Hughes Jones, Cavalleria's ultimately conscience-stricken Turiddu T reappearing as Pagliacci's cuckolded Canio, and David Kempster, the cuckolded Alfio in Cavalleria, reappearing as the chancer Tonio in T Pagliacci.
However, his growing delusions of grandeur put him at loggerheads with his conscience-stricken comrade-in-arms, leading them down a path that can only end in tragedy.
But the conscience-stricken criminal's astonishing admission closed the case.
One captain of a slave ship became so conscience-stricken that he wrote the hymn Amazing Grace.
There's plenty to be sorted out at home before conscience-stricken Empire apologist Silverspoon Cameron throws good money after bad in foreign climes.
Conscience-stricken, Darcy cares for his pet and follows clues to reunite Aidan with his loved ones.
As a conscience-stricken Macbeth laments after slaying his mentor, the world's oceans couldn't wash his guilt, nor the blood on his hands.
US officials try to frame the challenge as problem individuals who have done wrong, while global critics question the scope of such secrets and the futility and expecting secrecy to be maintained among the troubled, bullied or conscience-stricken.
This is an investment which caused the conscience-stricken PS40,000-a-week Newcastle footballer Papiss Cisse to threaten not to play wearing a sponsored team shirt bearing the Wonga logo.
Fortunately, there's no shortage of po-faced good guys waiting in the wings: Francisco Francis (Whitaker), a rebel activist hiding from troops in Ecuador; Morgan Swinton (Deborah Kara Unger), a conscience-stricken Clearbec shareholder determined to expose the company's malfeasance; and Jack Begosian (Garcia), a very busy CIA operative-turned-disillusioned radio talkshow host-turned-globe-trotting investigator.
The European Union is another, though in this case poor, eternally conscience-stricken Germany, has paralyzed it.
The US actor, who is most famous for the role of Troy Bolton in the High School Musical films, plays a young talented sailor, conscience-stricken following the tragic death of his younger brother.
The middle-aged man, for instance, conscience-stricken by a lifetime of bacon-and-eggs breakfasts, wakes up one morning and wants to get a thorough heart scan.
Numerous autobiographical accounts since then have shown a pattern: a young soldier, conscience-stricken and usually well educated, finds himself in a situation he cannot accept.