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Poline Bala explained how many people across the Kalimantan-Malaysian border are related through marriage and in many cases also through consanguineal relationships.
However, my strong suspicion is that the obfuscation followed by revelation of kinship to enslaved mothers and children in successive wills reflects a process of elective kinship whereby free people of African descent were just as entitled as Whites to leave their consanguineal ties a public secret or outright deny them.
The presence of female heads of household we will be discussing suggests the linkages of kinship and survival reinforced through consanguineal ties and women's responsibility for the family's care and reproduction in the context of unstable marital relations.
Before initiation, the young male answered to his parents and to others of his consanguineal kin.
When Pampin married, rather than draw away from his consanguineal family, he brought his wife into that close unit.
It might interest you to know (or not) that all cousins are consanguineal relatives; that is, they are not related to each other through marriage, as are affinal relatives--and the closest related cousins (now this is where it really gets interesting) are double cousins, the parents of one being brother and sister of the parents of the other.
FEMINIST PERSPECTIVES ON PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS AND MORAL THEORY 248 (1993) ("No consanguineal or legal connections formally establish or maintain ties of friendship.
Also that she is an "eru" (slave) to all members of the consanguineal family.
While free children received their legal identities based on consanguineal heritage, the slave received that identity based on economic bonds.
The research findings also lead us to question those theories of family belonging that are based primarily on consanguineal ("blood") relationships--a view that is commonly expressed in the saying "blood is thicker than water".
Trading, raiding, consanguineal kinsmen, and loyal retainers are considered, and he notes that the "frontier aspect" of the Mughal Empire compares well with three other great Islamic empires of its day (Ottoman, Safavid, and Uzbek).
The precise definitions of which consanguineal kin and which affines fit into these categories varies between malocas, but both categories of people have the moral obligation of collaborating with the maloca owner and his wife in the preparation of the ritual by working hard on the necessary tasks and by providing substances.
Though Antelope is not a consanguineal kinsman of hers, this household is what he calls his emended family.