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He concludes that kinship (even when based on "nature") is socially constructed rather than simply consanguineal.
Trading, raiding, consanguineal kinsmen, and loyal retainers are considered, and he notes that the "frontier aspect" of the Mughal Empire compares well with three other great Islamic empires of its day (Ottoman, Safavid, and Uzbek).
The precise definitions of which consanguineal kin and which affines fit into these categories varies between malocas, but both categories of people have the moral obligation of collaborating with the maloca owner and his wife in the preparation of the ritual by working hard on the necessary tasks and by providing substances.
Lineal is unmarked as against collateral, consanguineal is unmarked as against affinal, male is unmarked as against female in regard to sex of nodal person, older is unmarked in relation to younger.
Both consanguineal and affinal kin are socially important and are looked to for help with farm work and for support in times of crises.
Godparentage, for instance, bound individuals together in a spiritual/ritual relationship, but it could also reinforce consanguineal or affinal or even both ties.
Consanguineal relationships eclipsed affinal ones in importance.