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FISH'S GOT HIM HOOK LINE AND SINKER: But Murray conquerer Mardy reckons the Scot will come good
Andy Murray's conquerer in Dubai, Janko Tipsarevic, was born in which city?
Barfleur is where William the Conquerer set sail in his flagship for England in 1066 and also where Richard the Lionheart and his Crusaders set off for the Holy Land.
The fact that someone came over with the conquerer is no longer reason enough to let him hang on to land pinched from OUR ancesters.
He became the conquerer of Gaul, victor in the civil war in Africa during which he became the dictator of Rome, before he was killed by a group of nobles.
The Lakers would be prudent to remember the Chinese proverb, ``The greatest conquerer is he who overcomes the enemy without a blow.
EAGLE-EYED form experts would have cottoned on to the chances of 6-1 shot Snow Angel in the fillies' maiden after her Nottingham conquerer Alhebayeb won the Group 2 TNT July Stakes at Newmarket earlier in the day.
Klitschko, 35, the conquerer of David Haye, felt abdominal pain at his training camp in Austria on Friday and needed two operations at a Dusseldorf hospital over the weekend.
Kendall, a losing finalist at last weekend's 23rd Bank of Sharjah Marbella Open will be the top seed in the men's singles while his conquerer EoAC" Filipino teenager Kirk Rebuyas has been seeded number four.
They had travelled over with William the Conquerer who gave the land in thanks for their help in the Battle of Hastings.
Topkapi Palace constructed by Sultan Mehmet The Conquerer in 1478 has been the official residence of the Otoman Sultans and center of State Administration around 380 years until the construction of Dolmabahce Palace by Sultan Abdulmecid.
Although he is more effective on better ground, I think he will emerge here with flying colours and, in all probablity, go one better at the Festival now that his conquerer retired.
More than 30 competitors from toddlers to pensioners flocked to Marsden and took aim in a bid to be crowned the Colne Valley's top conker conquerer.
ROCKET Ronnie O'Sullivan roared into the final of the Grand Prix in Preston Guildhall yesterday where he will come up against John Higgins, conquerer of Stephen Hendry.
Three massive hits followed - each one a cornerstone of reggae: Westbound Train, Cassandra and I am the Conquerer, the latter written during his illness when rumours that he had died were rife.