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the tiny fossil cone-shaped tooth of a primitive vertebrate of order Conodonta

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small (2 inches long) extinct eellike fish with a finned tail and a notochord and having cone-shaped teeth containing cellular bone

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By contrast to the previous sample interval, the conodont element abundance in Est09:OS2 must be considered fairly high; the 2047.
The registered faunal shift suggests the presence of a hiatus between Est09:OS1 and Est09:OS2, which is also supported by the change in lithology and in conodont element abundance.
Biological biozoning studies were thus based on conodont elements in the studied section's complete rock sequence.
Conodont elements contained in this biozone were identified as follows: Merrillina divergens, Hindeodella triassic, Hideodus excavates.
We created high resolution 3D models of the conodont elements using x-rays from a particle accelerator in Japan, using it like a giant CT scanner.
1997) yielded only two poorly preserved conodont elements of middle Arenig to Llanvirn age (Nowlan 1981).
Due to such conditions, conodont elements and saltative particles (including glauconite grains) were repeatedly redeposited and most of the suspended material was washed out.
For correlation and investigation of morphologic changes of conodont elements, data from some additional outcrops and borehole sections were used.
Zhuravlev & Sapega (2007) showed that those chemical differences result in slightly different lattice parameter values for lamellar and white type tissues of conodont elements.
The same situation is recognized in the Uuga section, NW Estonia, where conodont elements of these two zones are mixed in the whole range of the P.