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Interestingly, Fairchild discovers that these officials tended to be more concerned with the immigrants' social class, which connoted susceptibility to certain diseases, rather than their race.
I respond: because of a certain accidental but true inconvenience: the phrase 'for many'--as it is said--in our minds (not forewarned) excludes that universality of the redemptive work which for the Semitic mind could be and certainly was connoted in that phrase because of the theological context.
It echoed that old song about bananas but also connoted a sense of exasperation: "All right, already--quit bugging me.
The word " sprung, " he said, connoted for him something like " abrupt.
On the subjects of labor roles and relations, Censer concludes that while the older generation found the free labor system onerous and met it, oftentimes, with a sort of sullen defiance, members of the second and especially the youngest generation were keen on establishing domestic competence as housewives; for them, in an equation at odds with our modern day sensibility, domesticity connoted independence--freedom from their mothers' embittering reliance on black labor.
Gayness, both connoted and denoted, never stabilizes in the canvases, but it may help negotiate how they're painted.