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Synonyms for connotative

tending to bring a memory, mood, or image, for example, subtly or indirectly to mind

Antonyms for connotative

having the power of implying or suggesting something in addition to what is explicit

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The connotative meaning of independence in alternative audit contexts: An exploratory study.
The individual's relationship to an area or a space depends on his/her position at and/or within that particular area or space, together with his/her appreciation of its symbolic or connotative meanings and his/her narratorial point of view.
excites the desire for proof, a desire that, so long as it develops within the connotative register, tends to draft every signifier into what nonetheless remains a hopeless task.
Hemingway's increased attention to the connotative rendering of surface detail, to "exact points," has compelling parallels with Pound's retelling of "Agassiz and the Fish" and Pound's anecdote about composing "In a Station of the Metro.
One imagines the case is worsened in translation, where Austen's finetuning of denotative and connotative value of words is utterly lost.
This, of course, happens because the contrary is also true: semiotically the Swiss-German is short of connotative codes, or what forms the sense of the message, which is based on the information that surrounds the message and not the message itself.
edu/clcweb/vol12/iss4/8>), discusses with elegance and insight the significance of "the connotative range of poetic language," providing a fresh analysis of Cleanth Brooks's The Well-Wrought Urn, where Brooks attributes a major role to ambiguity in the making of a poetic language that becomes increasingly aware of its own processes.
Likewise, don't refer to yourself in the connotative and somewhat intimidating term of "The Management.
From her viewpoint, by analogy, the border metaphor produces an interaction between the connotative matrices of more than one culture.
For Barthes, meaning on this level is connotative, that which lies beyond the manifest or everyday.
Tableaux images were used to create connotative signs for a number of the events of the chronicles, including images of tanks and armoured vehicles to convey the action of the Tet Offensive, a flag-folding ceremony as counterpoint to a piece of text about a marine dying in Vietnam with 38 days left to serve, or a line of bodies being shrouded in white cloths as an elegy for the dead is spoken in the chapter entitled 'Dying'.
We will consider the connotative spark rattling like a pinball in the void between two bumpers of denotation, overloading the light bulb above our heads, or worse, animating anxieties strapped to the gurney within.
Therefore the connotative postulations of our identities are affections, not the ideas.
The connotative meanings of the Web page emerge from the social and historical contexts under which it was constructed; particularly in situations where the conventions are like road signs.
Whether representing real or fictional spaces, the spaces of cinema are both connotative and denotative; they carry meaning related to class, sexuality, gender, race, nationality, and more.