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love of or taste for fine objects of art

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Connoisseurship, scientific analysis and historical research are all useful within the authentication process; it is difficult to standardise, and as a result there are no universal procedures from which to judge what is negligent practice.
Using a combination of scientific analysis, connoisseurship, and historical research, scientists, conservators and curators work together to discover clues to an artist's working practice, solve questions about authorship, and learn how a painting may have changed over time.
In the context of Hemingway's early fiction, road food embodies the true meaning of connoisseurship, referring to an insider's knowledge of survival in the American roadscape and to a shared understanding of this experience among fellow travelers.
The process of authentication resembles a three-legged stool, involving the three elements of provenance, connoisseurship, and science.
It demanded no sophisticated connoisseurship to fully appreciate.
This volume offers a detailed look at cases that exemplify some multifarious ways that fakes are passed off as authentic, and some exacting connoisseurship and sophisticated technology that have been developed to catch them.
But it will always be for his beer connoisseurship that he will be chiefly remembered.
The process by which this collective of art historians came to attribute and de-attribute works in Rembrandt's canon revealed the shortcomings of traditional connoisseurship but also generated new avenues of inquiry about seventeenth-century working methods and workshop practice.
Wale rallied a nascent music blogosphere with his timely gift for cross-genre appeal, cleverly rapping over rock songs and dance beats with allusion-heavy lyrics that blurred sneaker connoisseurship and backpacker nerdery.
The volume includes a chapter on Chinese export ceramics that delves into Chinese trade activities and ceramic wares made for export as well as a chapter about the authenticity of Chinese ceramics, discussing issues related to connoisseurship of this Chinese art.
The 260 exhibitors from 16 countries save their best works for TEFAF and their connoisseurship is reinforced by rigorous vetting by 26 teams of some 170 international experts.
The three Indian ladies have formed Cultivate, an " invitation only, high- level membership scheme," and for a connoisseurship programme for people who wish to be associated with Indian visual and performance art.
The course Jackson had pencilled in was called "Certificate in Modern Art, Connoisseurship and the History of the Art Market".
Fashion connoisseurship (a la Kanye West) trumps individual style, Koda says.
As with any collection, writing styles and perspectives vary, but each article is well-documented, readable, and engaging, for example, Dykstra's advocacy of pastoral and ecclesial imagination, John Witvliet's fusion experiments with other disciplines, James Nieman's call for critical connoisseurship, Bonnie Miller-McLemore's defense of hints, tips, and rules of thumb, and Ted Smith's use of the genetic history of any practice.