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love of or taste for fine objects of art

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By giving this symbol of her loss a permanent place, Rose shows Lizzie, and the reader, that connoisseurship isn't always about bringing art's magic into our lives, but about what we choose to give a frame.
Less attention has been focused on the forces that drive the serious leisure consumption communities and connoisseurship communities.
Nicolas Chow - deputy chairman of Sotheby's Asia, who handled the sale, said later: "The collection captured a seminal moment in the history of collecting, when connoisseurship reached new heights of sophistication.
Nicolas Chow of Sotheby's Asia, which handled the sale, said: "The collection captured a moment when connoisseurship reached new heights of sophistication.
So, yes, connoisseurship is certainly on the rise as education grows.
As was noted above in the discussion of scientific analysis, it is visual inspection, often referred to as connoisseurship or the expert's 'eye', which is generally held by judges to be the single most important factor in reaching a positive attribution for a picture.
For this to be successful, librarians have to build up knowledge about this heritage and develop expertise about it as the enabling condition to share their connoisseurship with others.
Stone points to the importance of connoisseurship since 'we risk losing the painter we supposedly cherish if specialists failed to voice their opinions and challenge attributions' (p.
During this challenging time of political and economic uncertainty, I yearned to rediscover Elliot Eisner's ideas (1991) about qualitative inquiry, especially his notions of educational connoisseurship and criticism.
Wheaton will star in a pair of videos aimed at making beer connoisseurship accessible and fun.
There's a lot of pretentiousness now, layers of pseudo connoisseurship.
He used his intuition and eye consistently and with a degree of trust that inspired us to understand that real connoisseurship has little to do with privilege or class.
Hala Khayat, head of the sale, said: "Selling works from private collections gives us all a glimpse into the connoisseurship of those who have put it together and, for this reason, we feel very privileged to have been entrusted with their sale.
Brewers are increasingly producing new and exciting products with connoisseurship in ale rivalling that in wine.
In campsites and hobo jungles, in roadside diners and at urban lunch counters, Ernest Hemingway first attempted to establish a code of connoisseurship that would communicate the authentic experience of an American traveler.