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Synonyms for conniving

Synonyms for conniving

acting together in secret toward a fraudulent or illegal end


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used of persons

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COLOURFUL PERFORMANCE - Michelle Pfeiffer plays conniving witch Lamia
Wayne sarcastically told Feldman to send the script to any of his other clients, provided they were looking for a movie that ``smears all relationships,'' that is ``populated by drunken mothers, conniving fathers, double-crossing sweethearts, bad, bad rich people and bad, bad poor people if they want to get ahead.
But God chose Israel, a wandering people in search of a homeland; God chose Moses, who couldn't speak clearly; God chose David, a conniving adulterer; God chose a manger in Bethlehem, a band of ignorant, smelly fishermen, with a tax collector thrown in for good measure; God chose a bloody cross on a hill outside the city as the ultimate "Means of Grace.
Mind you, there are plenty of feisty, conniving gays on reality TV, epitomized by Survivor's Richard Hatch.
In the story, the wealthy, conniving Marquis de Tremicour makes a wager with the bookish Melite that she will succumb to him after seeing his petite maison, an architectural form that everyone else in Paris, save Melite, knows is actually a large, opulent house "contrived for love"--more precisely, clandestine sexual encounters.
Carroll) and family soon discover that while Joseph, Albert, and Julius (Humphrey Bogart, Aldo Ray, and Peter Ustinov) are a little rough around the edges, they make much nicer houseguests than evil uncle Andre (Basil Rathbone) and conniving cousin Paul John Baer).
With no heir to the throne, the deliciously conniving and sluttish Barbara (Helen McCrory) is hoping her illegitimate son will one day be king, even though the randy royal now has his eye on the demure Lady Frances (Alice Patten).
With their energies devoted to working out strategies of defiance, such as how to show more hair, or to conduct secret meetings with the opposite sex, grown women are forced into a permanent state of adolescent conniving.
The plot focuses on husband-and-wife owners Allie and Gavin, whose 10th anniversary celebrations are scuppered when a rival firm, owned by the conniving Mia, sets up shop across the street.
The IRS has the power to approve rewards for information leading to the detection and punishment of persons who are guilty of violating, or conniving to violate, any civil or criminal tax law.
In mid-June they all ran articles depicting Aristide as a conniving demagogue who advocates foolish policies.
Captured for no reason by some nearby police, Jim is hauled to a photographer's tent to have his picture taken for a national police "Rogue's Gallery" with a tag around his neck reading THE CONNIVING UNCLE TOM.
Since then, she has appeared in a flurry of features, including "A Change in Seasons," starring Shirley MacLaine and Anthony Hopkins; "Hot Chocolate"; and the renowned hilarity "Tommy Boy," where she portrayed Chris Farley's evil and conniving step mother.
It is clear that the government is conniving with the militias for demographic changes and to prevent the people from participating in the coming parliamentary elections", he elaborated.
Gen (Retd) Shahid Aziz has expressed his conditional willingness to undergo a conditional self-trail, alongwith his other conniving associates, on charges of 12/10/99 coup against a constitutional government.