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Synonyms for connive

connive at something


Synonyms for connive

to work out a secret plan to achieve an evil or illegal end

connive at: to pretend not to see

Synonyms for connive

encourage or assent to illegally or criminally

form intrigues (for) in an underhand manner

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On the other hand, in an ascending-price openoutcry auction, such a conniver among conspirators has to show his or her hand, making such manipulation less likely.
stop saying she's a sweet old darling, because she's an old conniver, and tell me what she said about the title to that property
Using the ATMS as a foundation, we have built a context mechanisms, much in the spirit of the contexts of QA4 [21] and Conniver [18].
Mick, a flippant conniver, has entrusted a house to his brain - damaged brother, Aston.
He is a political man in the best sense of the term, a conniver for equality under hostile circumstances, a "frustrated engineer," and still the only president to own a patent (for a machine to lift stuck boats).
She levelled accusations of betrayal against the civil society in general, without discrimination between the serious, the conniver and the corrupt.
She's seen as a gold-digger, a conniver who married Paul on the rebound from Linda and had an eye-and-a-half on the fortune of which some say he is over-fond.
VERNON ta2 = conniver, convener, inventor, nonvoter, unproven, vigneron
Its main character is one Brandon Sladder, a young conniver from upstate New York who works his way up the ladder one backstab at a time until he becomes a certified Washington pundit-eminence.
To wrest his company from Komazawa's tenacious hands, a high-flying conniver named Okano manipulates a successful geisha into inveigling herself into a supervisory position-the average age of the workers was seventeen, and older employees served as parents and jailers manque- while incidentally gaining control of her previously saved finances.
But if that where all, then she would be nothing more than an egoistic conniver.
But what proves disastrous in both the script and the direction by Sandier helming vet Dennis Dugan is how we're expected to accept Darren's utter blindness to the obvious fact that Judith, a shrink, is a cold-hearted conniver, one who calmly announces, "Darren is my puppet, and I'm his puppet master.
Crystal is a downmarket gold-digger and conniver, a "twisted psycho bitch" whose sharklike instincts somehow haven't gotten her out of Harrisburg after 35 years or so.
By the end of the Darman piece, we know that Bush's favored aide is a conniver with an appetite for Chicken McNuggets.