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Synonyms for connive

connive at something


Synonyms for connive

to work out a secret plan to achieve an evil or illegal end

connive at: to pretend not to see

Synonyms for connive

encourage or assent to illegally or criminally

form intrigues (for) in an underhand manner

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calculating desert chieftain who knows how to deal"; his wife Sarai (Sarah) "grumbles against a 'god who has obstructed me from bearing'"; and his son, Yitzhak (Isaac) is "a colorless figure," considering his "childhood trauma"; but his wife, Rivka (Rebecca), is "opinionated and a conniver worthy of her father-in-law.
Marozia was a prime conniver who suffered mightily for her sins.
Dershowitz is described as crafty, vindictive, manipulative, a true conniver, a murderer of reputations and filled with petulant self-righteousness (but tenured at Harvard nonetheless).
On the other hand, in an ascending-price openoutcry auction, such a conniver among conspirators has to show his or her hand, making such manipulation less likely.
stop saying she's a sweet old darling, because she's an old conniver, and tell me what she said about the title to that property
She levelled accusations of betrayal against the civil society in general, without discrimination between the serious, the conniver and the corrupt.
She's seen as a gold-digger, a conniver who married Paul on the rebound from Linda and had an eye-and-a-half on the fortune of which some say he is over-fond.
Its main character is one Brandon Sladder, a young conniver from upstate New York who works his way up the ladder one backstab at a time until he becomes a certified Washington pundit-eminence.
By the end of the Darman piece, we know that Bush's favored aide is a conniver with an appetite for Chicken McNuggets.
Ewing,'' as CBS network president Les Moonves put it, as early as the second episode - long before Richard Hatch was revealed to be the first series' conniver.
A conniver named San Pedro goes on trial for offering bribes to half the local power structure, a few cocaine cops have metastasized into a cocaine brigade, the county manager and other notables have been caught buying stolen suits, and the simple investor who gunned down his stockbroker turns out to be an ex-con with an alias, a gun bought with a credit card, and a curious pile of cash.
Sarandon saw the last episode of the first ``Survivor'' series, in which corporate conniver Richard Hatch won the million dollars.
Every stereotype you could ever imagine: a brain, a nerd, a loose girl, a conniver, a fast-talker.
Two other connivers were also arrested with him, the statement said.