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Synonyms for connive

connive at something


Synonyms for connive

to work out a secret plan to achieve an evil or illegal end

connive at: to pretend not to see

Synonyms for connive

encourage or assent to illegally or criminally

form intrigues (for) in an underhand manner

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Salab Shehada, the terror mastermind of horrific suicide attacks, connived purposely to hide in a densely populated neighborhood.
Churches were alarmed at the Amnesty International report which said that both the state administration and the police may have taken insufficient action to protect the population during the massacres and in some cases may even have connived with the attackers.
Several reports in the media said that the police often connived with the Hindu mobs, a fact confirmed by Gautam Gouthi, a friend of mine who lives in Ahmedabad.
He also claimed that McGraw "has connived with the local press".
MICHAEL and Cheryl Barrymore landed in hot water last August after the Sunday Mirror revealed, right, that they had connived to get family and friends on Strike It Lucky.
What better image could we have of the nihilistic shock of reversal in which we all have connived, if only passively, whether out of a sense of guilt or of a more prevalent resentment?
Mr Major had set up the inquiry in 1992 after the collapse of the Matrix Churchill trial, amid allegations that ministers had connived in illegal arms sales to Iraq and been prepared to see innocent businessmen go to jail.