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Synonyms for connivance

Synonyms for connivance

a secret plan to achieve an evil or illegal end

Synonyms for connivance

agreement on a secret plot


Related Words

(law) tacit approval of someone's wrongdoing

References in classic literature ?
Athos, fearing lest he should be suspected of connivance with some of his compatriots, remained outside the tent.
The magic egg-cup I usually carried about with me, and with its connivance I did some astonishing things with pennies, but even the penny that costs sixpence is uncertain, and just when you are saying triumphantly that it will be found in the egg-cup, it may clatter to the ground, whereon some ungenerous spectator, such as Irene, accuses you of fibbing and corrupting youthful minds.
With a grace all her own, Cecilia dived under the bed, and produced a basket of jam tarts, a basket of fruit and sweetmeats, a basket of sparkling lemonade, and a superb cake--all paid for by general subscriptions, and smuggled into the room by kind connivance of the servants.
In this state of schemes, and hopes, and connivance, June opened upon Hartfield.
There is in this mansion, dedicated to the purposes of the holy Order of the Temple,'' said the Grand Master, in a severe tone, ``a Jewish woman, brought hither by a brother of religion, by your connivance, Sir Preceptor.
If you escaped, Salensus Oll would know that only through my connivance could you have succeeded.
His original plan had contemplated connivance in the escape of Lady Greystoke for two very good and sufficient reasons.