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Synonyms for connivance

Synonyms for connivance

a secret plan to achieve an evil or illegal end

Synonyms for connivance

agreement on a secret plot


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(law) tacit approval of someone's wrongdoing

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The accused persons, in connivance with others, helped the dealers purchase more than 59000 metric ton of urea in back dates on rates less than the ones applicable at that time.
According to officials sources here Wednesday, on complaint, the EDO (Education) had ordered for inquiry against nine teachers including Maqsooda Begum, Riffat Tahira, Munawwara Sultana, Rubina Shaheen, Kalsoom Akhtar, Shahida Parveen, Naseem Fatima and Sofia Noureen who had prepared fake documents to get benefits from the uplift package of Chief Minister Punjab with the connivance of junior clerk Mohammad Nazir.
According to police the accused Rashid told them he had killed police constable Muhammad Khan S/o Fateh Khan in connivance of his accomplice Naeemullah near petrol pump at MPR road.
Crimes committed by al-Assir are national crimes par excellence, starting with the formation of an armed gang, possession of explosives and weapons, and connivance to conduct terrorist acts through suicide-bombers, as well as attempts to foment sectarian hatred," he indicated.
Investigators say the infiltration of construction contracts, thanks to mobsters working inside local governments or the connivance of corrupt politicians, provides a lucrative income to the Mafia.
Service stations of major car brands located in residential areas of North and East Delhi are operating in connivance with local cops, politicians and corporation officials and have struck deals so that none of the authorities bother them, sources said.
The illegitimate authorities in Kiev go on crudely trampling on widely-recognized rights, with the connivance of their western patrons," the ministry also said in a statement, Voice of Russia reported.
Officials at the site were in connivance with the group.
50pm, Film4 A CIA assassin-turnedbodyguard and a journalist (Denzel Washington and Christopher Walken) team up to take on a Mexican kidnapping gang which targets young girls with the connivance of corrupt police.
Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov called his US counterpart John Kerry to denounce "extremists" taking control "with the connivance of opposition leaders".
In a statement, Alwani pointed out that kidnapping and killing operations against Sunni sect are done in connivance with the silence of police forces.
The Taleban believe that the US carries out drone attacks in connivance with the Pakistani authorities.
No specific complaint has been reported about such irregularities committed by the dental clinics in connivance of some officers.
In a statement issued on Tuesday, March 12, the Alliance warned the officials from participating or connivance in carrying a plan to arrest and liquidate patriotic personalities, considering such a thing as playing with fire.