conniption fit

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an angry outburst

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When we first introduced Goody Guns, gun prohibitionists had a conniption fit because they knew the psychology behind our program.
The right wing of his party would have had a conniption fit (because) they are so upset with him at his other decisions recently.
Heck, Californians don't even know the difference between a conniption fit and a hissy fit.
Suspended in varying degrees of mastication, they all waited expectantly for my mother to take a conniption fit.
The National Endowment for the Arts funded part of this enterprise, and it is couched in words and concepts that are sure to give Jesse Helms a conniption fit, so he'll doubtless have his conniption fit, and then the writers here can get all prissy and righteous--which isn't as hard as it might seem, even if you're all dolled up in minis and teddies and nose rings.