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an armored pilothouse on a warship

a raised bridge on a submarine

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Meanwhile, at some point this summer, I'll drive north from Glasgow along the western coast of Scotland - one of the most beautiful stretches of shoreline in the world - and I'll see them out there, on the glittering water: the hulking grey conning towers of the submarines.
Designer Richard Foxton has gone all out on the icy set complete with igloo, submarine conning towers, and even a Polar Express.
Impervious to the noise and activity above, the object, a gliding shadow except for two dimly glowing conning towers projecting from the water, moved on a collision course to the ship, struck the wooden hull, and then began moving backward, reversing course.
The craft had two hatches, front and rear, which also served as conning towers.
The scope of work includes modifications to the conning towers of the reactors, automatic catalyst and chemical dosing systems, and the design of an automatic reactor cleaning system.