conning tower

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an armored pilothouse on a warship

a raised bridge on a submarine

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U-94 was finished--Its pressure hull had suffered both numerous depth-charge attacks and gunfire from the corvette, and the ramming had smashed in the front of the conning tower and split the hull.
But others in the conning tower were watching the battle raging to the west of Mount Suribachi, an extinct volcano, and didn't see the flag raised, he said.
The pessimistic assessments came after a film of the crippled submarine Kursk showed massive damage reaching from the bow to the conning tower, which was much more extensive than earlier thought.
I'm just surprised he doesn't have a conning tower and border guards patrolling his property.
The pulpit was fashioned in a semi-abstract shape, rather like a conning tower of a submarine, but white.
PHOTO (1--color) Helmsman Chris Ijames, left, and owner Doug Privitt look through the sub's conning tower hatch.
Elsewhere in the park, you can enter the conning tower of the sister sub Parche, or scan the harbor with World War 11 attack and search periscopes, and a device used to plot torpedo firing.
In the control room below the conning tower,the chief on watch was already opening the vents to the ballast tanks.
The boat is currently on the bottom in Mumbai harbor with only the top of its conning tower and masts visible.
When properly fitted with a conning tower, it is capable of deep-fording or submerged fording where riverbanks are prepared for exit and entry.
A MASSIVE full-size replica conning tower is the latest addition to Merseytravel's U-boat Story in Wirral.
She's virtually intact, right down to little wipers on the portholes in the conning tower.
A mock-up of the pod and the area it attaches to Astute - just behind the conning tower - is being built at Faslane for the crew and Special Forces troops to practice on.
Le Triomphant is currently moored at its base of l'Ile Longue, near Brest in Brittany, where its conning tower and the starboard sail plane attached to the conning tower are visibly deformed by the incident, the Scotsman reports.
The destroyer HMS Petard, built by Vickers Armstrong on the Tyne and was launched in 1941, attacked the submarine U-559 in 1942 and, after scoring a direct hit on her conning tower, forced the German crew to abandon ship.