conning tower

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an armored pilothouse on a warship

a raised bridge on a submarine

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U-94 was finished--Its pressure hull had suffered both numerous depth-charge attacks and gunfire from the corvette, and the ramming had smashed in the front of the conning tower and split the hull.
Neil Scales, chief executive of Merseytravel, which owns and operates Mersey Ferries, said: "Many visitors have asked to see inside the conning tower, but this was not possible.
But others in the conning tower were watching the battle raging to the west of Mount Suribachi, an extinct volcano, and didn't see the flag raised, he said.
Russian television showed the submarine slowly emerging from the deep, the glass from its conning tower blown out but the bright red seal of the Russian eagle intact.
Lee came in to finish the job, dropping a depth charge that exploded 30 feet aft of the conning tower.
They navy said it will question the sub's crew and hopes to release by the end of this month the results of a probe into safety checks via the conning tower and the use of the sonar system.
Diving planes 6 feet long and 10 feet wide were mounted in line with the forward conning tower and operated by a lever inside the sub.
They fell harmlessly beyond the Japanese submarine's small conning tower.
The pessimistic assessments came after a film of the crippled submarine Kursk showed massive damage reaching from the bow to the conning tower, which was much more extensive than earlier thought.
I'm just surprised he doesn't have a conning tower and border guards patrolling his property.
The pulpit was fashioned in a semi-abstract shape, rather like a conning tower of a submarine, but white.
PHOTO (1--color) Helmsman Chris Ijames, left, and owner Doug Privitt look through the sub's conning tower hatch.
Tolja and his 15-year-old grandson watched in horror as the USS Omaha, with only its conning tower showing, ripped into the net a few feet from their boat, became entangled, then backed out to free itself and departed with no communication.