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If the city gets the full $7 million it requested for the bridge, the federal share of the connector project would rise to $27 million.
Our new double density connector range, that goes from a 5-pin variant in our Autosport Ultra connector right through to the 14-64, which helps incorporate the electronics and reduces the actual box size, means that we are helping to support the industry in the drive for smaller wire size.
Finally, do not hook the H-350 six-pin connector up to a six-pin receptacle when that sixth pin is expecting a ground and instead getting a "hot" pin.
Jacada Integrator Host Transaction Connector is generally available, and released as a new, integrated connector within version 3.
The Reporter's coverage of this issue reflects concerns expressed and recommendations made by Service Connector staff private developers, the Mid-America Institute on Poverty, other community organizations and many CHA residents, who argue that the program remains understaffed and underfunded.
The half-inch-wide cable connector directly connects the four signal wires and three ground lines to the receiving terminal in a single row.
If a flowchart is too large for a single page and you don't want the image reduced, divide the flowchart into separate pages and use an off-page connector symbol as shown in exhibit 13, above, to tell the viewer that the chart flows to the next page.
0 comes with two to 24 contacts and is one-third smaller than the previous generation Mini-Fit power connector.
With more than 10 years of manufacturing connectors, South Sea Terminal provides the comprehensive solution of waterproof connectors system and fabricating to satisfy the needs of worldwide clients.
Do not polish the end of the connectors with a cloth made of synthetic fibers.
While a bolt can be cross-threaded into place by an inattentive operator, the connector is either connected or not; there is no half measure.
From that month through August 31, 1,228 residents got jobs directly through the Service Connector, she said.
The 40-pin, device bay connector used on disk drives--called an SCA-2 connector--carries two duplex links, as well as a number of other disk-related signals.
4 provides estimates of the connector market, with forecasts to 2012, by geographical area and connector type.
Even if you faithfully use the connector covers, dirt will sometimes get in the connectors.