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This conclusion is strengthened by the similarity in size and morphology between our cells and the previously reported juxtaligamental cells and by reports from Motokawa (1988) in which he clearly states that this cell type is the only one found abundantly and ubiquitously in the connective tissues of echinoderms.
Research has shown that certain unique properties of the tetracyclines discovered during the development of Periostat may be applicable to other diseases involving inflammation and/or destruction of the body's connective tissues.
Rapid change in mechanical properties of echinoderm connective tissues caused by coelomic fluid.
These substances, called cytokines, include a protein called TNF-a, which is known to promote the formation of enzymes which break down connective tissue and bone, known as matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs).
The symposium, organized by Barry Rifkin DDS, PhD, Dean of the School of Dental Medicine at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Stony Brook, is based on the pioneering work of a team at Stony Brook led by Lorne Golub, DMD, MSc, MD (Hon), professor of oral biology and pathology, who revealed that these drugs may be useful not only in the treatment of diseases of the oral cavity, such as periodontitis, but also in the treatment of cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and other diseases involving the breakdown of connective tissue.
Research has shown that the enzyme suppressing technology underlying Periostat may also be applicable to other diseases involving destruction of the body's connective tissues, including cancer metastases (Metastat(R)) and a broad range of inflammatory diseases.
These data are important because they provide further support to the concept that the clinical benefits of Periostat result from the unique ability of the drug to inhibit the proteolytic enzymes involved in connective tissue destruction, without inducing bacterial resistance to commonly used antimicrobial agents.
The new on-line CAT program will allow cardiovascular, vascular, and orthopaedic surgeons and hospitals throughout the world to source, on a daily basis, the availability of allograft heart valves, veins and connective tissue.
Recent research has demonstrated that periodontitis, the leading cause of adult tooth loss, is most effectively combated with a treatment approach that addresses the two key components of the disease - bacterial infection and the enzymes that destroy connective tissues.
a company focusing on the development of therapeutic products for the regeneration of human connective tissues.
Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are progenitor cells (pluripotent cells which progressively mature into specific adult cells) which can differentiate into multiple connective tissues including bone, cartilage, muscle, tendon, bone marrow stroma and fat.
The company is focused on the development of novel therapeutics to address serious diseases involving the connective tissues of the body.
We are building our present and future success through scientific and clinical research collaborations with leading centers, in the area of connective tissues, worldwide.
Collagen is the fibrous structural protein in our body that makes white fibers of skin, tendons, bone cartilage, and all remaining connective tissues.
The early fetal environment such as maternal nutrition plays an important role in the development of skeletal muscle that is composed of both muscle and connective tissues.
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