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To allow for a temporal analysis of connectedness in a family network, one can employ a data-driven approach such as sliding windows, top-down or bottom-up segmentation algorithms (Keogh et al.
The findings of this study offer some initial insights into the relationship between traditional masculinity ideology, coping, school connectedness and mental health outcomes in adolescent school boys at two public high schools in Durban, South Africa.
Social connectedness, social appraisal, and perceived stress in college women and men.
Vohs from University of Minnesota, conducted six experiments that looked at how much people were willing to spend, donate, and value money when feeling a sense of nostalgia-evoked social connectedness.
As an alternative test to examine the impact of board connectedness on yield spreads, we conduct an analysis of the changes in yield spreads of actively traded bonds around the announcements of additions and departures of highly connected directors.
Additionally, in pursuing institutional connectedness, the organization has also kept its eyes firmly on information security.
These hospitals have made significant advancements in clinical connectedness, patient engagement and patient safety.
aWhen there are opportunities for deliveries and connectedness between the grids, there will always be an availability of resources on the market.
Rather, I see this story-telling of a divinely inspired continuum in connectedness between animals and humankind that eventually finds its highest expression in the creation of woman and the sexual union between man and woman described as the 'two becoming one flesh.
Combinations of keywords used for the searches were; children, attitudes, connectedness to nature, connection to nature, perceptions, preferences and natural environment.
BEIRUT: Lebanon ranked sixth place in the MENA region in terms of connectedness in 2014, according to the DHL's Global Connectedness Index (GCI).
The GCI evaluated global connectedness by measuring cross-border flows of trade, capital, information and people from 140 countries which it found have recovered most of their losses incurred during the financial crisis.
Wasl Properties' new mobile applications include several business-to-consumer and business-to-employee' services that facilitate connectedness and collaboration with its customers.
Written comments on connectedness to Chinese communities and culture Participants were invited to add any freehand comments at the end of this questionnaire.